Understanding Your Depression

If you have depression or know someone who is clinically depressed, then today I want to urge you to speak up and speak your mind. Let your mind flow and expel all this negative energy out of you! One of the best things you can do when dealing with depression is to talk about it. This is the most helpful method in understanding your depression. Discuss it with your family, friends, counselors, or even to yourself in a notebook.

I do think reaching out to another person is important when trying to treat depression, but if you are not at that stage yet, then confront it yourself. Create a journal. Write in a diary. Talk among yourself.

Also, there are plenty of online services you have access to such as online counseling and forums. Use these. You will realize you are not alone and can benefit from learning about others’ struggles. All of these activities will make you feel better in the long run. Talking depression will allow you to understand your depression!

Why is this important?

Why should we discuss our mental health issues? Why should we talk about our mental illnesses? Why should we discuss our depression?

Because we need to confront these issues. Depression is a disease. It is a disorder. It is not healed over night and needs a large amount of support, care, respect, and awareness. It takes time to heal. It is completely possible to effectively treat your depression.

I find a lot of those struggling have a difficult time admitting their depression, let alone discussing it with someone else.

This is important to beat. If you do not come to terms with your own mental illness, you will not get better and negative after negative will build up and make the situation worse. End the stigma! Yes, it needs to go. We can all do this together. But this starts with you coming to terms with your illness and discussing it.

Create awareness together. Let people know that mental illness is serious and not a hoax or a simple fix. People are not crazy when they have depression or another mental illness. It is normal. It is okay not to be okay. Depression and other mental illnesses should be treated the same as physical illnesses.

However, in part, I would like to emphasize that we should also ignore the stigma. Ignore these people who are obnoxious and believe that depression is just being sad. Or anxiety is just being a little scared or paranoid from time to time and that both are easy fixes.

They cannot put themselves in your shoes and definitely do not know what you are going through. We are making progress in ending the stigma. More people day by day are becoming aware that mental health and mental illness are extremely important.

New evidence is emerging about our minds, the way they work, and how we can all be susceptible to mental illness.

But seriously, ignore the others. There will always be people who do not understand. There will always be people who think mental illness is a joke just like there will always be people who are racist or discriminatory towards others. The best thing we can do is ignore these people. Do not give them the time of day. They are looking for attention and are not worth our time.

The people who are intelligent and respectful know that mental health is serious and mental illness needs awareness.

With that being said:

Let’s talk depression. Discuss it all you want. Express how you feel in any way possible. What do you think is causing your depression? What have you done to combat it? What do you enjoy the most in life? Are you progressive in beating it? Do you have a counselor? Have you opened up about it to anyone? How is it affecting your life? Do you want to get better? Yes! Then let’s talk.

Coming to terms with and discussing your depression is the first step to combat it. If you have depression, I want you to greet it. Let it know you are stronger than it and it does not define you.

It is fighting you and trying to do anything possible to bring you down. Let it know you will beat it. Let it know it is not worthy. Let it know it will lose.

Talking about your depression really opens up the mind. Confronting what disturbs you and confronting how your depression is affecting you allows you to realize what you need to do to treat it. You are constantly in a battle with your mind. Know you can win this battle.

Take other effective remedies to combat your depression such as natural supplements that do in fact work.

Here is a video that discusses 11 things people with depression would like those who do not suffer from it to understand. This will help everyone come to an understanding as to how depression feels and affects people.

To conclude:

I would like to congratulate all those who have come to terms with their depression, discussed their depression, and ultimately treated their depression. You are doing great in all scenarios. You have taken the first step to combat this disease and will win.

Know you are not alone. There are always people who have similar struggles. Depression is massive but fortunately, like I said – completely treatable.

Lastly, there are always people who care about you. There are always people who want to see you succeed and be happy. People love you and need you in their lives. You will get better.

It doesn’t happen over night. Just remember that there is no shame in discussing your depression or other mental illness. Your loved ones and the people who have your best interest want you to discuss this. They want you to get better! Know this.

If you ever want to open up, I am here to listen. I have had similar struggles for years and am a very compassionate listener.

I also would like to know what you think causes depression? I know there can be many causes and depression varies from person to person from factor to factor. No one is them same. But what do you find makes you depressed? If you are not depressed, can you imagine what these people go through? Do you understand your depression?

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk, please leave me a comment below.

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Robert Sherwood


  1. Thanks for this post. I do have a friend who’s just coming out of depression and I can say communication helped her a lot. She also made efforts to join classes such as Yoga, meditation , pottery classes and religious groups and all of these helped. thanks so much for this post.

    • That is great to hear your friend is coming out of their depression. Those are excellent remedies you mention. I love yoga and meditation. It really puts the mind into a relaxing and distracting state. You’re very welcome.

  2. I have suffered with depression and anxiety for over a year now and I’m taking meds off the doctor but I don’t feel like I need to talk about it to someone to make me feel better. I suppose everyone is different

    • Everyone is different in how they face depression! Maybe medication does the trick and talking to someone or exercising is not useful! It depends on how severe the mental illness is.

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