The Best Depression Medication

Here, I will give you the best depression medication that you can purchase without a prescription. These are natural antidepressants that work as good as prescriptions in my opinion. Click on the products to read customer reviews. You will notice the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

These natural antidepressants serve mainly to increase serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is responsible for lifting your mood and emotional well-being. A healthy amount of serotonin in the brain is essential to help with depression.

5 Best Depression Medications

1) 5-HTP (Pure Encapsulations) 

5-HTP is my favorite natural antidepressant. This is the brand I take and have been for a while. It works by increasing serotonin levels to a healthy state. When I first started taking it, I would take 3 capsules daily (usually with a meal). However, since my mood has been steadily improved from taking this, I now only take 1 or 2 a day.

There are very limited side effects (nothing compared to prescriptions). You don’t have to worry about overdosing because it’s very difficult to take too much 5-HTP. And taking too much will not have a better effect than taking the right amount. Read the labels. If you are taking 100mg capsules like I do, then up to 5 capsules daily is more than enough. This brand is a bit more expensive, but you are paying for quality that will work compared to some others.

Read my full review on 5-HTP, specifically this brand. You can also click on the product to read many customer reviews on Amazon.

2) TransZen

TransZen is a natural antidepressant that promotes stress relief, mood support, and anxiety relief. This product contains a mix of 5-HTP and herbs like L-theanine and ashwagandha (both very healthy and beneficial herbs). I like this supplement as well.

Reviews are mostly positive and the price is relatively cheap considering there are 120 capsules in the bottle. Click on the product to read customer reviews from Amazon.

Read my full TransZen review to learn more.

3) Enlifta 

Enlfita is a doctor designed depression pill that has a natural and effective antidepressant formula. It claims to be a natural mood booster created by a board certified psychiatrist. There are 30 tablets which is a 1 month supply.

I like this product as well. Reviews are mostly positive. Click on the product to read consumer reviews. Enlifta contains 5-HTP, St. John’s Wort, folic acid, and rhodiola (healthy herb). It is also 100% money back guarantee.

Read my full Enlifta review to learn more.


CALM NOW is a soothing stress support supplement with over 2500 reviews on Amazon that are overwhelmingly positive. This product is a herbal blend crafted to keep busy minds relaxed, focused, and positive. It contains 5-HTP, B vitamins, ashwagandha, rhodiola, and bacopa.

Click on the product to read reviews. CALM NOW is also 100% money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied. I think the reviews speak for itself, which is why this makes it onto my list.

Read my full review to learn more.

5) LES Labs Mood Boost

LES Labs Mood Boost is a natural calming mood supplement. It helps to lift your mood and reduce stress and anxiety quickly. This one has close to 1500 reviews and majority of them are very positive. Click on the product to read customer reviews. It contains 5-HTP, L-tyrosine, L-theanine, and GABA. It also contains a wide range of herbs like passion flower, ashwagandha, rhodiola, and chamomile extracts.

Read my full review to learn more.

There you go. Those are the best antidepressants that come in natural form that make my list. Each one works to increase serotonin levels in the brain while also containing many healthy herbs for stress and anxiety relief.

Any questions, comment below 🙂

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Robert Sherwood


  1. A great article about non pharmaceutical treatments for depression.5 HTP and GABA I have not heard of before and I will check them out. Tumeric is a spice I use a lot of in cooking and I really thought that would be sufficient but you suggest it is not. I did know about omega 3’s and vitamin B and the benefits you can derive from them to fight depression. I wonder what is the underlying cause of depression.. If it is work or a relationship or financial pressure then perhaps no amount of medication will help. If it is none of these and really can’t be explained then your suggestions will surely be very helpful to a lot of people as it seems to be a big problem in modern society.

    • Hi Judy, thank you for reaching out. Turmeric is very healthy either way. If you use it in your cooking, then keep using it. Just to get All and the maximum benefits associated with turmeric, then supplementation is needed. This is because the ingredient you want to consume from turmeric is curcumin. The level of curcumin in turmeric is actually quite low. So when we make supplements, we take turmeric extracts that are high in curcumin to develop these supplements that then contain a very high level of curcumin.

      Either way, if you are using it in your cooking, it is definitely good for you. If you use turmeric often in many dishes, then this will add up and is definitely considered healthy. However, if you are experiencing any of the diseases turmeric has benefits for (depression, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, brain disease etc.) Then I would recommend getting turmeric supplements. Nonetheless, you can’t go wrong with consuming supplements and using turmeric in your foods.

      Depression is a huge problem in our society today. There is not a set reason or underlying cause of depression. Anything can play a role such as brain chemistry, biology, genetics, environment, stress, hormones etc.) The problem is that there is a stigma revolving around these mental illnesses such as depression and that way too many people jump to pharmaceutical drugs that do more harm than good. That is why I like to stress natural remedies such as these medications/vitamins as well as exercise and healthy eating.

  2. Thanks for your recommendations of The Best Depression Medications that are non-prescription. Trying 5-HTP first is a good way to go. If it works, maybe the others would not be needed on a regular basis. However, as you mentioned, there are other health benefits in the supplements.

    • I agree with you Sandra. 5-HTP is the first natural supplement to get if you are depressed. Then from there, you can start focusing on other ones that have different effects such as GABA or turmeric. All these supplements I mentioned will help you with your mental health situation but 5-HTP is the top recommended product to go with first. I do take all these supplements listed but 5-HTP was the first one I went on and found that it worked great!

      Yes, in short, if 5-HTP works, maybe the others ones won’t be needed for some people. But again, they all have different characteristics and benefits. GABA helps with depression and anxiety. Turmeric and Omega-3 have numerous physical benefits as well as helping with depression. I like taking all of mine and have noticed great benefits all around physically and mentally.

  3. I feel really depressed these days I think I will get GABA since it is also used for bodybuilding.So I will have one more reason to go to a gym which I haven’t gone for years. I also really liked that it is natural.

    • Glad to hear. GABA is a great natural supplement for numerous mental and physical health reasons.

  4. Thanks for your recommendations on non-prescribed medications. I like the idea of taking natural supplements for this, as I have always been a big user of supplements for bodybuilding and gym training. I have used the Omega 3 in the past as it is good for the heart. I have recently tried doctor prescribed drugs, but they actually made me feel worse. I will definitely give the 5-HTP a try.

    • Thank you for reaching out Greg. Good to hear you have used Omega-3 in the past, but I would definitely continue to use it. It has many physical and mental benefits. Yes, prescribed drugs contain many side effects that make patients feel a lot worse before they can start to feel better. This is definitely the case for antidepressants. I would strongly recommend 5-HTP. It truly is a great natural supplement for depression.

  5. Great job!! It’s really worth reading your article. I liked your recommendations as these are natural and have limited side effects. It’s very hard being a patient of depression because sometimes it gets worst. I am also suffering from this illness and indeed will give a try to 5-HTP as it has a beneficial reviews and is extremely safe.

    • Thank you for reaching out Sarah. I like to stress natural remedies such as supplements because they do work. I am a depression patient also and find 5-HTP works great. I would strongly recommend it.

  6. Yes, Rob, depression is becoming a worldwide epidemic! The worst part is that medical science doesn’t offer any straight answers. I am a firm believer in natural medicine; totally against chemicals and altered nutrients. Have you considered that emotional states can also be the result of how we view life, our thoughts, our self-expectations? I believe that, together with the right vitamins and natural supplements, being honest with ourselves by acknowledging our thoughts and choosing the correct ones, we can have emotional balance. Stay happy 🙂

    • Completely agree. Depression is HUGE. I am for natural remedies such as exercise, supplementation, dieting, counseling etc. However, I do believe that there are circumstances where patients of depression feel the need that the only way to become better is by chemical alteration in the brain via antidepressants. However, I do think every depression patient should give natural remedies a try truly and fully before deciding this.

      Emotional states do play a large role of how we view life, thoughts, etc. The emotional state of depression makes people who are suffering develop negative thoughts and impulses, thereby making them feel hopeless and unwanted. That is the state of depression and what it does. It is complete darkness that takes over our mental states and views on life and thoughts. It truly isn’t us that are thinking these things. The depression takes over which is difficult to overcome. But I do agree that with the right natural treatment, it is completely possible to get out of the darkness.

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