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When some people believe they are depressed or have some other form of mental illness, they immediately think that prescription medication is the only solution to this.  In very severe cases, I would definitely advise to go have a check-up with your doctor and plan out what is the best, ultimate resolution. But there are definitely other alternative ways to combat depression and other mental illnesses, NATURAL ways. The least one could do is give these natural remedies/supplements a try before signing up for prescribed medication. Don’t get me wrong, prescribed medication does work when you find the right fit, but there are definitely the cons that come with it such as side-effects and even addiction.

If you feel you are in need of prescription medication and other alternative ways are no fit for you, then I urge you to check with your doctor and see what the best outcome would be. Anyways, this page will be attributed to the best natural supplements one can take to help combat their depression. Take a look at my post here for the best supplements you can take to combat your depression.

If any of you have tried these supplements or other supplements that you find work or do not work, please leave a comment below.

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  1. I am very glad that I’ve found this post. You are right when dealing with depression people immediately think of taking medication as the only solution. Vitamin C combined with exercise works really well.

    • Yes, proper natural supplements such as vitamins goes along way when battling mental health issues. Take your vitamins. I would also like to recommend that a combination of these supplements such as vitamins and 5-HTP works really well. I take those and have noticed drastic improvement with my depression

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