CALM NOW Supplement Review

CALM NOW supplement is a natural supplement that is a strong stress-reliever. It is made from natural herbs such as ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, bacopa, as well as B vitamins.

This effective natural supplement will increase your emotional well-being, give you soothing stress support, and will ultimately keep your mind focused, relaxed, and positive.

On a side note, it is very efficient for those who are constantly busy with a full day’s routine and just need some room to be stress-free. And for those who are not always busy, this supplement will give you the positive mindset to be that person.

Product Overview:

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  • Supports mood elevation, stress relief, anxiety relief, sleep pattern, brain function (focus), and increase social activity.
  • All natural made with herbal ingredients.
  • Expertly manufactured by Zhou Nutrition.
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About the Product:

  • Helps you keep calm and focused – Do you have days where you are non-stop constantly? It seems like every minute of the day you have something to do. This probably doesn’t feel too good and makes you have feelings of worry and stress. This is tiring and unhealthy for the mind. By consuming Calm Now, this natural supplement will ease your mind leaving you more focused, relaxed, and elevated. Even if you haven’t started your day and already feel like the stress or anxiety coming as you get out of bed, Calm Now will do the trick in eliminating these feelings and making you well prepared and motivated for the day.
  • Helps you stay positive and social – When we are constantly up and at it, this may suck the life out of us leaving us with feelings of fatigue, grouch, stress, and sadness. Calm Now allows you to stay positive during your day. You can easily complete your daily tasks whether you are at home, at the office, or in school. This natural supplement will allow you to stay elevated so you can be the best version of yourself throughout the entire day. How happy would this make your friends or co-workers feel?
  • Helps with mood elevation – Calm Now increases your mood elevation because this natural supplement supports serotonin increase. Serotonin is the happy chemical in your brain. Calm Now boosts serotonin levels naturally giving you the emotional well-being you need to thrive during the day.
  • Helps with anxiety and stress – This natural stress relief supplement helps to calm the central nervous system, thereby giving you feelings of relaxation and calmness. Is it ever difficult for you to sometimes get things done because of the anxiety that comes? Even if it is being social, going to the store, or going to school, Calm Now supports natural stress and anxiety relief that will allow you to feel confident during your day. Overall, this supplement will allow you to stay calm, focused, and positive.
  • Natural Formula that is expertly created – This natural stress relief supplement is manufactured by Zhou Nutrition. Zhou Nutrition is composed of a diverse team of experts from around the world that bring their customers the best combination of Eastern herbal traditional remedies with modern research. Consequently, Calm Now contains just the right amount of herbal ingredients for sufficient results including Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, Passion Flower, Bacopa Monnieri, Hawthorn Berry, and Lemon Balm.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Zhou Nutrition is extremely confident that you will find this supplement beneficial towards your mental health that if you are not satisfied, you can contact them directly for a refund.

What to know: (mental illness or not – this supplement is strongly recommended)

Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are very common. That is okay. Mental illnesses should be treated the same as physical illnesses with attention and awareness. That being said, we must do something to treat them, preferably natural treatment.

This natural stress relief supplement is the way to start. There are no side effects and you can expect it to start working almost instantly. This is by far a better alternative as opposed to prescribed medication for depression or anxiety that leave you with nasty side effects and a long duration to kick in. This product is all natural.

CALM NOW Supplement

Our bodies and minds are natural machines constantly ready to up-take these natural herbal ingredients to make ourselves healthier. Calm Now supplement will allow you to feel safe, happy, stress free, and relaxed and the best part is that it does it naturally!

Even if you do not have a mental illness such as depression or anxiety, this supplement is still a very strong stress reliever and mood supporter for everyone. Essentially, natural remedies like this our efficient for everyone to use. They are natural and have many benefits for the everyday person.

I would like to recommend some other strategies that will allow you to have a positive mindset free of worry, stress, anxiety, and depression.

There are many mental benefits associated with implementing a healthy diet as well as exercise. You can’t go wrong with these natural remedies.

If I could stress one more thing, I would like for all of you to try natural remedies to combat your depression or other mental illness. Do not jump on the thought that you need prescription drugs for your mental health before you give natural remedies a shot. You owe yourself that much. Supplements like Calm Now will not disappoint. There are plenty of positive reviews to support this. Over 1900!

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If you have any questions or concerns, I would be happy to address them. Please leave a comment below.

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Robert Sherwood


  1. Hi there,
    Thank you for such a useful and Interesting supplement, I liked the fact that it can also help with stress and anxiety. Something I could use actually. I am almost always stressed lol. I think I will give it a try and let you know how it is!

    • Awesome to hear. It really does help with depression, anxiety, and stress. Please let me know how you find it. I love this supplement!

  2. Even if you do not have depression, it is important to have an upbeat mood, just from the increased productivity level.

    • Yes, I agree. An upbeat mood does help. However it is not all that easy even if you have depression or not.

  3. With all the health issues going on for me right now with my ears (lost my hearing), I am feeling pretty stressed and frustrated, and somewhat depressed too. I know I need to make the best of things and stay positive, but honestly it seems to be a daily struggle at the time. So, these just might be what I need right now. Stress also causes other issues for me, and I know that, but well right now, it is difficult. Helping me stay positive and social would be great!

    • Hi there, I am sorry to hear about your hearing. That must be difficult. But yes, the things you must do is look on the bright side. Your state may be difficult to change, that is why it is imperative to not linger on the negatives of it. Think positively and do things that you enjoy. This supplement is very effective in keeping you upbeat, positive, relaxed, and social.

  4. I have been using calm now for about 2 months. Yes, it really works!!! It not only has helped me in stressful everyday situations (I’m a teacher), it has also helped me with focusing on daily task. And for some odd reason (I can’t explain this) it has helped me and countless people around me with gastric pain. This includes ibs symptoms, gas, and intestinal pain.

    • Great to hear and thanks for sharing Melissa! I’ve noticed many reviews say the same – works for mental health and physical!

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