How To Overcome Depression And Loneliness

I find that depression and loneliness work hand in hand, much like anxiety and depression do sometimes. This is combination if very common and therefore very important to understand how to overcome depression and loneliness.

If you are depressed or have been diagnosed clinically depressed, you may find yourself in a fragile, isolated state. You may find yourself becoming anti-social and likely disliking any social gathering. You may like to be in one place all the time with little activity (ie. your bedroom). You may also be isolating yourself from your friends and family. So this question actually appears a lot. Anyone can experience this no matter of age, race, economic standpoint, celebrity status, sexuality, gender etc.

I quickly want to point out that scenarios may be different. Just because you are depressed does not mean you may feel lonely. Just because you are lonely does not mean you may be depressed.

How to Overcome Depression and Loneliness

I will discuss:

  • Reasons as to why you are experiencing depression and loneliness.
  • Signs that you may be experiencing depression and loneliness.
  • How to deal and cope with depression and loneliness.

Why am I feeling this way?

If you have depression, then chances are you may feel alone with it. Why? Firstly, I believe the stigma plays a huge role in this. When people become depressed or get diagnosed as clinically depressed, then it is considered that they are mentally ill, which is completely fine. It’s okay not to be okay.

However, for some they think depression is just a myth and that these patients just need to snap out of it or just be positive. They are wrong! Mental illness such as depression and anxiety should be treated the same as physical illness – with care, attention, and respect. The stigma revolving around mental illness needs to change and we are progressive in getting there.

Mental illness is actually receiving more positive attention in today’s society as it should. I believe the up and coming generations are spreading awareness about mental illness and how we should treat it with proper care and attention. However, there will always be those negative people that bash the mentally ill. Ignore them is all you can do.

With this being said and the stigma still lingering, I find many people with depression or another form of mental illness have a difficult time admitting their mental illness and an even more difficult time opening up about it.

This may cause this person to go into a state of depression and loneliness. If they are not comfortable talking about their mental illness or receiving any kind of care for it, then how will their situation get better? They are going to find themselves in a deep state of battling this by themselves, thereby causing depression and loneliness. How to Cope with Depression and Loneliness

That is why it is essential that we end the stigma together. Let’s openly discuss our mental illness and raise awareness and attention.

Who cares what others think. You are you and your illness does not define you just like cancer does not define the patient. Let’s talk about depression with respect and allow those struggling with it to feel comfortable opening up about it.

I also would like to mention that someone who is experiencing depression and loneliness may be completely secure about discussing it and has no problem fighting the stigma. Depression and loneliness may stem from numerous causes and vary from person to person depending on the situation.

For example, some people who experience this may have a physical illness that they have a difficult time discussing or coping with others about, such as cancer. Some people may not be in a situation they like such as poverty, pregnancy, sexuality, rejection, grief, and love. Often, I find those that would rather fight an issue by themselves such as those issues I just listed can find themselves in a state of depression and loneliness.

We often find it difficult to discuss certain dilemmas like that with others which is why a state like this can develop. Overall, depression is difficult to beat alone. It is possible but much easier with help, support, and guidance from others. Together, let’s all be more open and compassionate listeners. You never know what someone may be going through so always be kind and do not judge.

With the above being mentioned, now we will discuss the symptoms and signs of depression and loneliness.

Signs you may be experiencing depression and loneliness:

  • This person may isolate themselves from all social situations.
  • This person may isolate themselves from family and friends.
  • This person has no desire to go out and about.
  • This person likely experiences social anxiety when in certain situations.
  • This person has a difficult time talking about them-self even if it is positive aspects.
  • This person would rather listen to someone else talk (about them-self or not) compared to them talking (about them-self or not).
  • This person may find comfort in one place and likely like to stay in this place for long periods of time (ie. bedroom)
  • This person has fragmented sleep or sleep insomnia. They may find it difficult to awake in the morning or get out of bed. Loneliness - How to Overcome Depression and Loneliness
  • Appetite may be a hit and miss for this person.
  • This person may have difficulty making eye-contact in social situations.
  • This person may find comfort in odd things such as:
    • Taking a hot shower for a long period of time.
    • Being on their phone or other device for a long period of time.
    • You may watch TV such as Netflix for a long period of time.
    • You may be in love with inanimate objects such as a new purse, car, or some sort of collection.
  • This person may have friends that are lonely also.
  • You may dislike posting on social media.
  • You may easily be triggered and blow things out of proportion.
  • You may be feeling sick a lot. (unusual headaches, dense feelings of being overwhelmed)

Of course, there are more signs and symptoms of experiencing depression and loneliness but I do believe these are the main ones. This list is not just for those that may be experiencing this. We all could benefit from this information. Look out for these signs. Is you friend depressed and lonely? Is your family member?

This person may never have any attention of discussing their illness which is why it is imperative for us to know signs like this. Then, we can take the appropriate measures to help out friend or family member.

How do we overcome depression and loneliness?

So the big question for those who are struggling is how do we overcome this? What should we do? Here are some tips and natural remedies you can implement in your life to help your depression and loneliness.

  • Take responsibilities. Do you have a job? Do you go to school? Look at these things as responsibilities that give you satisfaction. You are an active member in society with a job or going to school. Focus on your job and school. If you have a difficult time doing these things because they bring social scenarios, then ignore the social aspect. You are there to work. You are there to get an education. It is about you and no one else. If you are staying at home at the moment, then do your daily chores.
  • Do something new. This is my favorite one. We all like to pick up something new here and there. Whether it is a sport, hobby, or even a new book, just do it. Do something new you think you can enjoy. This will bring you satisfaction, distraction, connectivity, and will definitely elevate your mood. 
  • Bond with animals. Do you have a pet? I have a dog and she is the best part of my life. Whenever I need comfort, I can always count on her. Your pets are the only things that love you more than they love themselves. If you cannot afford a pet or simply do not want one for another reason, then join a program where you can go play with dogs or other animals for an hour or two. There are many out there for mental illness, physical illness, and stress relief.
  • Surround yourself with those that make you feel comfort. Get rid of toxic people. Get rid of those who often judge or you cannot trust. Your true friends and family have your best interest at heart and want you to succeed and be happy. This will then allow you to have better social engagements. Those who love you do not judge you. You are you and they accept that.
  • Think beyond yourself. The world does not revolve around you. People are not constantly thinking or talking about you. We all have lives that need to progress. We simply do not have the time to spend talking or thinking about others. You probably think about others thinking about you. You may find yourself repeating social situations in you head over and over again. This can be the case if you experience social anxiety. You may wonder what people think about you over literally one sentence you said. Ignore this. These people are not thinking about you. They do not have the time and literally do not care as much as you think they do.
  • Be bold and brave. Post on social media. Tell others what you are doing and how you are having fun. This will allow you to connect with others and improve your friend-base as well as your social situations.

  • Do you know a lonely person? Connect with them. This can definitely improve both of your situations. Sometimes all one needs when they are lonely and depressed is to talk to one person. If you cannot find someone of fit, then enroll in a program. There are programs out there where you can engage with an elderly person or a neighbor who has recently lost a spouse. These people need engagement and so do you.
  • Make a plan and be consistent. Make a calendar or a daily log with goals and achievements even if it just making dinner for the day or cleaning your room. This will give you satisfaction.
  • Think positive. You may have ongoing negative thoughts if you are depressed and lonely. Feed out these negative thoughts. Again, no one is worrying about you but you. Think in the present and take each day by day. Take each hour by hour. Work in the moment. Do not linger on past thoughts or scenarios. Do not worry about the future. Sometimes I find just zoning out for a moment or two and shutting off my brain helps.
  • Think and act realistically. If you’re friend cannot go out with you or does not want to, think about their situation. They probably rejected because of their own state or something they had to do – not because they simply do not have time for you. Again, surround yourself with true friends – people who have your best interest and you can trust. 
  • Have faith. You may be in a fragile state right now but it is only going up from there. You have your whole life ahead of you to accomplish great things. You are worthy enough. You are beautiful enough. You are more than capable of accomplishing what you want to accomplish.
  • Take natural supplements. This is my favorite remedy for myself. Who says you can’t receive help from the world’s natural substances that your body and mind actually need, to be fully operative. Your body and mind are constantly ready to up-take these natural supplements as we are all natural beings.
  • Be you. Do not change for others. You are you and that should not change. Accept yourself for who you are and ignore those who frown upon it. Being different is better. Going down the narrow path is better. Be unique and dream big. Do you. Do not be insecure about yourself or your flaws. This will lead to regrets in the future. Take the risk and jump big.
  • Lastly, talk about your illness. End the stigma together. Again, it is okay not to be okay. Do it for yourself and do it for others. You are not alone with this. There are plenty and plenty of others going through the same scenario – depression and loneliness. Mental illness needs more positive attention and the trend of this is actually increasing. We are taking it with more care, awareness, and attention which is awesome. This will definitely improve your situation.

I hoped this information helped for those who are struggling with depression and loneliness and even for those who are not. We could all benefit from this information.

I have had years experience with depression and anxiety. I was once in a state of depression and loneliness also. You are not alone and it does get better. Remember that. I love to help those who are struggling as I once was too. Please reach out if you have any comments, concerns, questions, or simply just want to connect. Comment below.

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Robert Sherwood


  1. Hello 🙂

    The signs of depression you shared in this post are very accurate and the solutions are very successful too!

    Thanks for sharing! Keep adding valuable content. The world needs more people like you! 🙂

    • Thank you Lawrence. Depression and loneliness are a lot more common than people may realize, which is why it is essential that we all know the symptoms and remedies for it, even if you are not experiencing this. We can all help in a way and brushing up on our knowledge of this is our first step!

    • Thank you. Yes, vitamins are essential for a fully operative mind and body. I appreciate you reaching out.

  2. Rob,
    Thanks for the awesome posts on depression. I suffer from depression for many years now not only that, I have very bad anxiety. I just started seeing a therapist for this after many many years. I have also recently started to include Omega 3 in my diet…I will certainly try the supplements you mentioned. Great post.

    • Hi Kay, glad I could help! Depression and anxiety come hand in hand very often. I experience it myself also and let’s just say it is not fun. Omega 3s are great for anti inflammatory purposes and you will no doubt notice and improvement in your mental health state!

  3. Thanks for the article. There are many good practical tips that will definitely help people with depression and loneliness.

    • You’re very welcome. Glad I could help and if you ever need to reach out, I am here to listen.

  4. Hi Rob! once again grat post! I am actually start to feel a lit bit lonely. I came early to the university campus and my family is all in Chile. My friends are not back at school yet so it had been really hard to me. However, I am trying to fill up myself with music, sports, and other activities. Thank you for the information 😀

    • Thank you Javiera. Sorry to hear you are feeling lonely. Yes, natural activities are great as they serve as a distraction and for satisfaction. Music, sports, hobbies are great ways to feel better and make yourself productive!

  5. Hey Rob,

    Great article! This website is slowly becoming a wonderful resource for anyone who is suffering from depression. So many helpful tips and ideas.

    I can actually relate to this post as when I was in my teens I was so shy and felt very lonely as I hated talking to anyone. Shocking feeling. I ended up forcing myself to talk and then the biggest thing of all was joining the police force. Helped me immensely. Your tips are spot on. Thanks again,


    • Hey Kev, thank you! Much appreciated. Yes, isolation is a very common symptom of those who have mental illnesses and for those who don’t It can work by itself and hand in hand with mental illnesses such as depression. Great job on joining the police force! A great achievement. You’re very welcome!

    • I agree Pedro. Depression is extremely serious and sometimes it is very difficult to detect as anyone can become a victim. Fortunately, it is extremely curable. We need to reach out to those suffering and offer our support, respect, and attention. Through natural remedies, depression can be beat. First, we must end the stigma revolving around depression.

  6. Hi Rob,
    You’ve done a really nice job with writing a very comprehensive and detailed article. Well done.
    I struggled with anxiety for a long time. I still have to keep an eye on it. What I’ve learned is that reality + resistance = suffering, and that when I am acting authentically and true to myself, my anxieties dissolve. So much of my life, I spent worried about things that weren’t even true. You mentioned isolation: this area alone could change the world, if people could become more aware that the story they’re telling themselves is that – a story, a thought – and not necessarily an accurate view of reality. We all do it, but in severe cases, it can cause overwhelming depression. I’ve been there, and I hope that anyone who finds this article looking for hope will at least take one positive step and just talk to someone about it.
    Best wishes,

    • Thank you Kevin. I completely agree with you. Facing and coming to terms with out mental illnesses is the first step to combat them. Yes, some people tend to overthink so much to the point that what they are thinking seems to be so real, yet it is not. For example, some people who have anxiety run back conversations in their mind hour by hour, wondering if that said something wrong to a person that might make them judge in a negative way. We then tend to believe this meanwhile no one actually cares that much. We all live busy lives and literally do not have the time to think about others for so long. Take care Kevin and if you ever have to reach out, know that I am here!

  7. Great post, the information that you provide in this article is very accurate. I battle with paranoid schizophrenia and psychosis was diagnosed in 2010. After years of therapy and really just keeping my mind focused on random activities hobbies etc. I’ve managed to take steps to branch out of my shell. Everyone has a past and “issues” it’s always better to know that we are not, never were, and never will be alone on a grand scheme even though its hard to see it when a person is in the middle of a situation. Thank you,

    • Hi Kelvin, glad I could help. Yes, sometimes natural remedies and activities like picking up a hobby or submerging yourself into an activity you like will do the trick when helping beat mental illnesses and being distracted by them. Yes, we are never alone. Someone is always experiencing the same illness as you. Mental illness is important and should be treated the same as any physical illness.

  8. Great information. I rescued my cat from a shelter because I heard that animals can help people who are depressed. I was in the depths of depression several years ago and to this day he is a life saver. I can also relate to doing something new. I recently got into gardening and love how it lifts my spirits! Working out and staying active has also helped me. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Ann. Animals are huge life-savers. Pets are the only things that love us more than they love themselves. I love my dog and she provides me with comfort whenever I need it. Glad you have taken up gardening. It sounds like a nice, relaxing hobby that could definitely elevate the mood!

  9. I’m not entirely sure that I have anything to share right now, but I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that things have changed over the last few years. Granted, I’m now a middle aged man in a middle aged body, but underneath…I still feel like the boy I was when I was 15- just a bit wiser, and me knees don’t work as well as they used to. The struggle for me is that I want- I mean really want- to be the spring chicken I used to be. It’s not about appearance or anything like that. I’ve just noticed I’m not the same person. Most of my self-confidence seems to have evaporated. I have no interest in socialising- even with my parents and siblings who I have infinite respect for and adore.
    I feel a constant need to absorb myself in the trivial side of life, because it’s a distraction from what should be important. Either that or I’m the most self centred SOB I’ve ever had the misfortune to know.
    I had a recent episode that lasted weeks, where I was convinced that the people I work, with thought I was untrustworthy and up to no good. I became overly sensitive to the point that I was reading into the slightest comment, taking it as a “we know what you’re up to” when I wasn’t up to anything.
    I came by your site by accident, and for a different reason, but I’m glad I did. I will come back again and soon. Thank you.

    • Thanks for commenting Tom. Episodes where you are not feeling yourself can make you think of things that you wouldn’t normally think about. The key is to stay positive and self esteem is key! I would recommend looking at my 5HTP article! I am sure glad i could help!

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