How to Deal With Depression Alone – Simple Steps

Chances are if you’re depressed, you feel isolated from the world. You feel isolated from your friends and family. You may even find it hard to talk to them or that you are actually the one isolating yourself from them. That is not you. It is the mental illness. You feel like you have to deal with your depression alone.

Scientific studies show that majority of men and women with depression do not seek help. This means that they are battling their depression by themselves. If you are one of these people as I was, then you are looking for ways to fight this solo. Yes, you feel alone in your depression bubble, but you are definitely not the only one going through the same scenario. So how do we fight this alone? There are numerous small steps that you can take to fight depression by yourself. But please, I urge in severe cases to seek help if you feel like you need other’s support to get through this.

How to combat your depression alone:

  • Keep a healthy mindset. Chances are you’re finding yourself battling negative, ongoing thoughts over and over again. You may be constantly telling yourself that “life is unfair” “what’s the point?” “will this ever go away?”. These are not good thoughts. Practice mindfulness. Blackout all negative thoughts. Sometimes I find laying in bed, closing my eyes, and just shutting the world out for a couple minutes help. Other times, it is good to confront your negative thoughts and tell yourself that you are worthy and capable of anything. Lastly, store positive thoughts into your mind – maybe things like what you enjoy or look forward to. Your mind is controlling this mental illness, not you. You are in a battle with your mind. That’s why it is important to control your mind – feed out these negative thoughts and think positively!
  • Pick up something you like. What did you enjoy before you were depressed? Do you like sports, running, music? Do it again. If it gave you joy before, then it can again!
  • Be social. I know when you are depressed, you feel isolated and alone. Your mind working with your depression tells you that isolating is the best scenario. Beat this. Become social again. Talk with family and friends. You don’t even have to mention your mental illness. Just talk and have a good time. You will feel better. This will also improve your friend base and social engagement – a problem a lot of people with depression face.
  • Exercise and eat healthy! This one is pretty self-explanatory. But a good diet and healthy exercise boosts morale, body health, and brain power! I am not asking you to get a gym membership. Even walking or going for a light jog here and there works. Look at my article that discusses the best foods for depression and the best exercises for depression.
  • Get natural supplements that combat depression. They do work. Check out my review for my number one recommended natural supplement to help combat your depression. It comes without side-effects and ultimately enhances mind power, brain function, mood elevation, serotonin levels, and appetite fixture. Please give it a try if you are struggling to beat your mental illness alone.

Please comment below if you found these tips helpful. I live to help others in the same boat.

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Robert Sherwood


  1. I’m a person who has battled with depression. Since you asked to add to the list if we have tips I do Have a tip. This has always worked for me with defeating depression.

    I realized that when I do all the things you mention above I feel good while doing them but after I’m done I feel like I lost something and I feel emptiness. I wondered why I felt this.

    I finally realized nothing that is pleasurable will satisfy my depression so I would find things I could achieve. While I felt stressed achieving them in the end I felt fulfilled. So I think for some of us the answer lies in being able to contribute through making and doing something more with our lives.

    • Thanks for your input. I definitely know where you are coming from. Achieving in life is a big step towards fulfilling not only our goals, but our mindset. Doing something more with one’s life is good path to go towards. Whatever it may be, satisfaction and feeling good about ourselves is the first step to being healthy and happy.

  2. Hi Rob,

    This is a great article filled with excellent suggestions. I have battled a couple depressive episodes in my life, one required professional help, one did not (I overcame it on my own). In either scenario, your article provides very useful information on improving one’s mood, and one’s circumstances. I believe in the importance of a positive mental attitude.

    Best regards, Ron

    • Hi Ron. Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear you have overcome depression in both ways; with help and by yourself. I think a lot of people feel alone and isolated when they battle depression and it is very important that when it comes to be too overwhelming, that one does seek help.

  3. Hey Rob:

    Thanks for your insightful post on trying to deal with depression on your own. It’s a hard road f’r sure.

    My own suggestion would be to hit the philosophy shelves in the library or immerse yourself in some system of thought that gets you thinking outside your loops.

    My own experience has been that you can’t really think two thoughts at the same time. Drowning your loops with thoughts from the Greek Stoics or from the Taoist philosophies (and their modern counterparts) and taking your thoughts back to those principles every time the loops start can give you some breathing space.

    Writing down stuff lets you SEE what you’re thinking and that can be a big help when you’re trying to combat the demons in your head as well.

    • Yes, I love that suggestion. Thinking outside your own mindset and trying to enter another perspective can help for sure. I know from my own experiences with depression, that negative thoughts and impulses constantly try to fulfill our minds. It is hard to escape so entering another mindset to deter these thoughts is a great suggestion. Thanks.

  4. I have been in the mental health field for 7 years and I can tell you a lot of people coming with problem. Depression is in the 10 top of the disorders out there. So many people deal with this on a daily basis.
    There are ways of going about depression on your own, but I think it is always helpful to have somebody else (psychologist/psychiatrist), there to help you get through it as well. So, if you want to battle this disorder on your own that is fine, but just keep somebody close in case you become suicidal.

    • Yes, I agree with you. Depression is extremely common and I am glad its getting more attention now days. It is helpful to have someone close in all cases. No one should have to battle depression alone if they need the help. Seek help if you need it! There is nothing wrong with that!

  5. I have been in the mental health field for 7 years and I can tell you a lot of people come in with this problem. Depression is in the 10 top of the disorders out there. So many people deal with this on a daily basis.
    There are ways of going about depression on your own, but I think it is always helpful to have somebody else (psychologist/psychiatrist), there to help you get through it as well. So, if you want to battle this disorder on your own that is fine, but just keep somebody close in case you become suicidal.

    • Thank you for reaching out Jacklyn. Talking to someone and openly disucssing your mental illness is very important like you have mentioned. Unfortunately that is difficult for a lot of people with these mental illness such as depression. That is why a lot of people try to battle it themselves. I do agree with you that it can be very beneficial to talk to someone, but for those who are not at that step yet, battling depression alone is possible. Implement a healthy routine such as exercise, diet, and natural supplements and you will start to feel better. Once you feel remotely better, it will be easier to discuss your journey regarding your mental health.

  6. Hey Rob! I just came from your other post explaining the hereditary of mental illness. These are some really helpful tips, and as being someone who struggles with extreme lows through mental illness; I can 100% attest to the benefits of eating healthy and maintaining even minimal exercise. Just 30 minutes a day.

    When I’m low, I always try to convince myself to just do the “minimums.” You know; just brush your teeth, take a shower; eat something for lunch…. but the biggest minimum I try to get myself to do; is go for a walk outside!

    It may only be temporary, but the feeling of fresh air, and possibly sunshine does wonders to me! It’s instant relief from my negative thinking and despair 🙂

    Thanks for the post!

    • Hey there again. Glad you came across this page also. Yes, I agree with you. Taking small simple steps is the beginning to battling mental illnesses. Like you said, even getting through your daily routing such as eating healthy, brushing your teeth. taking a shower goes along way in restoring satisfaction and brain power. Exercise however I think is key as it releases endorphins (happy chemicals) in the brain that definitely improve mind function and brain power. Thanks for your insight Mei!

  7. I have suffered from situational. Depresssion on and off throughout the last few years. I think the information that you presented was very practical and can benefit a lot of people that may be struggling. Depression can be so hard to manage. Thank you for such good information, and spreading awareness.
    Take Care,

  8. I’m always looking for useful articles about ways to combat depression. My 24 year old son has been acting depressed for about 2 years and I struggle with ways to help him find his way out of this. It’s been stressful and since he’s now living with my husband and I it impacts us as well. I have two questions: 1) Are anxiety and depression similar? My son has has diagnosed with anxiety disorder and is currently taking medication prescribed by his doctor. 2) Are there any at home exercise routines or apps you could recommend? He was a gifted athlete and gym fanatic before this started and now he barely leaves his room. Thanks so much for your help!

  9. Thank you for your questions and reaching out. Depression and anxiety are very similar and more than often, one will not exist without the other. At least for me, I suffer from both. Sometimes I will suffer from anxiety for weeks, then depression for weeks or months or sometimes both will creep up on me simultaneously for a while. I encourage you to read my article on exercise and mental health. Prescriptions, I would try to sway away from especially if he is still young. Try to stress natural remedies first and really let him give it a try. Supplements are a huge help. For me, they did wonders and got me back on my feet.

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