7 Tips on How To Be Happy With Life

This may seem like such a simple question but it’s a question where the answer seems difficult to find. People ask this from all over the world. How to be happy with life? How to be happy with yourself?

Where do we find the answer to this seemingly simple question?

Well first off, I wouldn’t say it’s a simple question because many struggle with finding the answer. Many struggle with life and the adventures and heartaches life throws at us.

It’s true when they say life is full of surprises. However some of these surprises can be our worst tragedies while some are our break through in life.

Nonetheless, life is full of ups and downs. For some, the ups occur more than the downs while for others it’s the opposite. Life is unpredictable and unfair. I said it and it’s true.

However, none of us can use or should use this as justification.

We can’t go and compare our own lives to others. That is just not how it works. We were all granted a life and it’s up to us to beat these downs and make the most of our ups.

No matter where you are in life right now, there’s an upside. Financially stable, poor, famous, stuck in a slump, alone, in a hostile relationship, little friends or family, unemployed, or you got everything going for you – we are all the same – equal and full of life.

Anything is possible. Take your life by the hand and try to make the most of it. Try to make the changes to make your life different in the ways you want.

If you can’t find this happiness that’s hidden beyond life’s atmosphere, then you must do something about it.

You must change and change your lifestyle. Happiness is not granted to you out of the blue, you got to make it and hold onto it. Happiness in life and within yourself is extremely possible for everyone.

How To Be Happy With Life

Here, I will give you some tips on how to make your life a better place and simple things you can implement in your life to hopefully gain some inspiration and find the happiness you’re looking for.

Tips on How To Be With Happy Life

  1. Be you. Do not live your life trying to impress others. Do not live your life trying to make others happy. Do not live a life someone else wants you to live. Live your own life and really strive for whatever makes you happy. Ask yourself: Am I living right? Am I happy at this moment? What do I truly need to change in my life or within myself to find this happiness I need? Are you living your true self? The moment you start to live your life, the life that was promised to you, the life you love, is the moment you are that much closer to happiness.
  2. Implement simple lifestyle changes that go along way. Eat healthy and incorporate a healthy diet. Help others and always lend a helping hand to those who matter to you. The satisfaction of helping others is greater than you think. It gives you the motivation and dedication for positive change. These things will make you feel better and in turn, make you do more positive things for yourself. Exercise 2-3 times a week. It just has to be a simple walk or jog. Seriously, exercise, eating healthy, and helping others are such simple tasks but have such a joyful impact.
  3. Get rid of toxic people. Are there people in your life that are making your situations worse? Maybe there is someone you can’t get rid of. Someone you always find is bringing you down and does not appreciate anything you do but still expects everything from you. Get rid of them. What are they doing that’s good for you? They are a burden and if they do not appreciate you for who you are or what you need, then they do not deserve or matter to be in your life. Choose your friends carefully – those who are loyal, appreciative, and trustworthy. Anyone else can go. Now if it is family and you have a problem with them, then that is a different story. That is a problem and needs to be addressed ASAP. Family should always have your back and you should always have theirs.
  4. Try other natural remedies to find happiness such as natural supplements. I already mentioned eating healthy and exercising, but have you ever thought about natural supplements like 5-HTP? Natural supplements are pure, healthy and really give you that boost you need to elevate your mood without side effects. I take my 5-HTP everyday (one during breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and can fully attest to their benefits. In short, 5-HTP is the best natural supplement for depression and gives you a serotonin (happy chemical) boost in the brain. I find that once my mood is elevated, it is a lot easier to stay motivated and really do the things that gain me the ultimate satisfaction I need. I wish I had found out about 5-HTP earlier.
  5. Practice meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. Really focus on the present and do not linger in the past. The past is in the past for a reason and there is nothing you can do to go back unless someone knows time-travel. But seriously, focus on the present and let the future come. Expel all that negative energy and inhale positivism. Let your mind do its magic and filter properly and healthy.Tips on How To Be Happy With Life
  6. Give yourself appreciation. No matter where you are in life, you deserve a pat on the back for making it this far. Like I said, life is difficult, unpredictable, and completely unfair. But we can NOT use this as justification for not doing anything about it. Realize how far you have come in life and realize you have so much more to live for. Take risks and do the things you want to do. There is no harm in trying. The only obstacle in your way is you. Just do it. Live for the moment. Go on that vacation you want to go on. Take that trip with that friend you never got to go on.
  7. Repel any negativity. Peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, or anything that can bring negativity into your life – just don’t do it. Plain and simple. You bring in negativity, you are asking for negativity.

Well those are the tips I have for today. There is much more you can do to be happy with life and to be happy with yourself. I love these ideas I just mentioned as I practice them everyday.

I would still love to hear from you. What do you do to make your life happy? What is your key to happiness? If you are not happy, what are you struggling with? How can you fix this?

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Robert Sherwood


  1. Hi Rob, I agree with your list! Especially number one and three. I think the majority of our lives is spent interacting with others and those interactions play a big part on our happiness. Worrying about pleasing others and not pleasing yourself can be a great burden. Not to mention negative people in your life can cause a lot of stress. Sometimes you have let people go and realize you are doing the right thing. My husband actually is going through this right now. Sadly the person is trying to turn the situation on him but that goes to show you they weren’t truly a friend in the first place. Great article!

    • Hey Melissa, glad you agree. Interacting with others seems so simple, yet it can be so challenging for some. Mental illness plays a big part in this. If I could say one thing, it would be: be you and do only you. Let others come and if they are respectful, keep them in. Sorry to hear about that person in your husband’s life, I am sure he will do the right thing. Thank you for that kind compliment.

  2. Great list, rob. I would add one more thing, though. Actually counting your blessings. A friend told me about this and I think it is an awesome idea. Train your brain from the moment you wake up to take count of all that are blessings in your life. From your warm soft pillow when you wake up to the light you turn off when you go to sleep at night. It’s a good habit to have

  3. Hi Rob,
    I agree with your suggestions and will read your review of 5-HTP. I have heard of it but have not tried it. I found that the B vitamins and Vit D both help me. They help wake up my brain. When I am feeling tired and groggy it is hard to be very motivated, fixing this brain fog makes life seem easier.

    I also get great peace and enjoyment from nature. Just watching a wild bird sing and hop on a tree branch can make me feel happy and relaxed. Seeing a beautiful flower or the rain drops glistening on leaves or feeling the wind makes me happy. Learning to appreciate these small details in life can give us all peace and happiness.

    • Hi Jessica, thank you for reaching out. 5-HTP is great and I strongly recommend you take a look at it if you find yourself difficult to get/stay motivated. It really helped with my motivation. Nonetheless, vitamin B and D are also really healthy and contain many essential nutrients for a fully operative mind and body.

      I like how you get enjoyment from nature. Earth is a wonderful place and beautiful. I wish everyone appreciated nature’s small gifts.

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