12 Best Supplements For Depression

I would like to encourage you to not hop on prescription antidepressants for your depression until you have given natural remedies a try first – such as natural supplements that do in fact work!

Doctors these days hand out prescriptions too easily without considering any natural alternative that people should at least try first.

Here me out here. I’ll give you my number one recommendation that works great for me everyday.

I can fully attest to this from my own experiences. Throughout this article, I will list the best supplements for depression.

What to Know:

I have had experience with depression and anxiety for years and I am still in my journey, but lately have been feeling like I am making such good progress. It feels weird, but so good.

To go from a state of complete darkness. Lowest of low to something that feels even remotely better is so lifting.

These supplements I recommend I do in fact take. I can fully attest to their mental benefits.

Here, I will give you the rundown of each supplement, what they do, how they work, uses, benefits, and side effects.

Mental illnesses such as depression is extremely common and the number of cases among citizens are increasing each year.

Depression is not an easy fix. There is not a set cure nor a set cause.

Depression differs from person to person from factor to factor. It is diverse and works in varying ways. It needs respect and awareness. Mental illnesses are not false. They are not a hoax. Depression is real and it does kill.

We all understand this, right?

But what we need to also understand is that natural remedies can have as big of an effect on our state of mental health as antidepressants can for some people.

Possibly bigger … according to the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people in the world suffer from major depressive disorder, and unfortunately antidepressants only work for 50% of that population.

I am not bashing antidepressants here. They do work for a lot of people. And maybe they do for you or maybe they will work for you if you go down that path. And for some people, they won’t work.

All I am saying is before you jump to pharmaceuticals, at least give natural remedies a try like supplements that can also work. You can’t go wrong with at least trying and you owe yourself that because there is also a lot of negatives that come with antidepressants. Until you have really tried to help your mental health state naturally and can then say this isn’t working, then go talk to your doctor about antidepressants.

In the end, different remedies work for different people. Some remedies will work for others that won’t work for you. That is depression and it also depends on your depression state.

However, the thing is a lot of people will not try any natural alternative first. A lot of symptoms and feelings of depression stem from nutritional imbalance, inflammation in the brain, and off-set brain chemistry.

Supplements can help with this big time.

Best Supplements for Depression

Here I will focus on the consumption of natural supplements that do work and have worked a lot for me and I have suffered from major depressive disorder. I am still in my journey but supplements do help my case.

I will give you my personal and strongest recommendations that have worked for me.

No I do not take all of the 12 listed below, but the ones I don’t take are backed up by clinical research of having beneficial properties mentally and physically.

Nonetheless, I will dive into the supplements you are wondering about.

I would like to stress that you should not solely rely on these supplements to treat your depression.

But this is your first step. Think of supplements as your antidepressants, but natural antidepressants. They can increase serotonin levels just like prescriptions can.

I don’t care if you don’t agree with me. Until you give it a real good try, you will never know. And that’s what everyone should do. Give it a try before resorting to meds.

Like I said, if nothing has worked, and you can say you really gave it a go, then sure, talk to your doctor about your next move.

I never thought this would work. I thought the only way to cure depression was antidepressants. And believe me, the idea of me on antidepressants did sound very tempting. But a part of me was like no, I can’t. I just can’t.

So I started to research natural ways to cure depression as we all do at some point.

But the thing is no one listens to these natural ways. Why? Because they are a turn off that requires some sort of effort. Effort is so difficult to put in when you are depressed.

Synthetics or prescriptions sound so appealing, like such an easy fix.

So I ignored all natural remedies except for one. Supplements. That is where I started. Specifically, 5-HTP did wonders for me. You can read below what 5-HTP I take.

Then the effort required to do all the other natural remedies people tell you about such as talk therapy, exercise, diet, responsibility, thinking and behavioral concepts came so easily.

Because 5-HTP lifted my mood, it restored my serotonin just like prescriptions do.

So think of natural supplements as your building block or stepping stone.

The supplements give you the mood elevation, positive well-being, motivation, good sleep, good appetite, and overall enlightenment. Then it is up to you to act on this.

Change your life-style from what is was before. Incorporate change. Exercise. Eat healthy. Be more open and out-going. Talk to your family and friends. Take some risks.

Feed out the negative thoughts, situations, people who are bringing you down. Love yourself. Focus on yourself. Keep this up and you will find true happiness.

Here are my personal recommendations. All of these supplements you will find below with their description of benefits and any side effects that come with them.

If you are looking for one supplement that will do the trick in elevating your mood and giving you the emotional well-being you need, I would strongly recommend 5-HTP.

That is our number one supplement and best seller. I took this first out of any other supplement and found it worked tremendously. You can visit my full review on 5-HTP.Supplements for Depression

What I take presently:

  1. 5-HTP (1 capsule per day)
  2. GABA (1-2 capsules per day)
  3. Omega-3 (1 capsule per day)
  4. Turmeric (1 capsule per day)
  5. Vitamins (B,C,D) (1 capsule per day)
  6. Melatonin (for sleep fixture) (here and there)
  7. Theanine (here and there)

The above amounts I consume can differ depending on the dosage (ie. mg present in each capsule).

Nonetheless, each bottle has a safe and efficient recommendation. Always read the labels.

Top 12 Supplements for Depression:

  1. 5-HTP

    • This natural supplement (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is my strongest recommendation. It encourages brain serotonin levels just like prescribed medication does that leads to positives outcomes on emotional well-being, sleep cycle, appetite fixture, and mood enhancement without the side-effects (for most people).
    • 5-HTP is a chemical that the body makes from tryptophan (an essential amino acid that you receive from consuming food). 5-HTP is reformed into serotonin (happy chemical), thereby dispersing it throughout the brain.
    • This is my favorite supplement. I honestly did not really know that there were natural supplements like this that could help elevate my mood and decrease my symptoms of depression this effectively. I thought the only path to go down was to visit the doctor, discuss my depression, and then have a prescription written up. It comes with limited side-effects (not nearly as close to those of prescribed meds) and elevated my mood within 2 weeks I would say.
    • Not allowing it to work is also a big reason why people say this won’t work. They don’t wait long enough and then dismiss it as fake or useless. 5-HTP does work for 80% of the people who consume it I would say. Give it time to kick in. At least a couple weeks and be consistent with your doses. I would start with 2-3 capsules per day for the first two weeks and then lower your dosage accordingly. I only take 1 capsule per day now.

  2. GABA

    • I take GABA for my anxiety. Anxiety is a huge symptom of depression. GABA works to calm the central nervous system, therefore giving you a relaxed, calm feeling. It will make your nerve tension disappear.
    • A clear correlation between GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) receptors and anxiety has long been established. A role in depression with GABA deficiency has also been linked, however it is not as established as well as with anxiety symptoms. Overall, GABA is a neurotransmitter and with deficiency, it can delay impulses between nerve cells and the brain, which can lead to anxiety and depression. There is also a correlation between this amino acid deficiency with epilepsy and chronic pain.
    • Scientific research has shown that this supplement may boost mood elevation but primarily promotes a calming, relaxing effect on the nervous system. GABA deficiency comes with feelings of anxiety for no apparent reason. You may feel edgy or have difficulty being calm or relaxed. You may have a tightness in your stomach and have difficulty turning off your mind or falling asleep. By consuming GABA supplements, your central nervous system will be at a healthy state, promoting calmness and relaxation.
    • I currently take GABA and it does work for me 100%. Again, give it time to work – at least a couple weeks and then you will notice consistent patterns of calmness.
    • I would sometimes find myself fearful for literally no reason. There was nothing to be scared of, yet I had this pit in my stomach and an increase in heart rate. Why? I don’t know. That is anxiety for you. I wouldn’t want to talk to people and would find myself isolating from friends and family. I hated this and it was extremely unhealthy. So, I now take this supplement and notice a healthy balance of nerve tension which leaves me always feeling relaxed and calm. Specifically, I don’t take this for my depression. I found other products worked better for that mental illness such as 5-HTP. But studies show that depression and anxiety work in pairs. At least for me it did. So taking this supplement has a positive effect on both depression and anxiety you could say. If you are going to take this supplements, please give it at least 2 weeks to kick in and then be consistent with your doses.
    • If you suffer from mainly anxiety, or anxiety and depression, I encourage you to take this natural supplement.
    • GABA - Supplements for Depression


  3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    • In the past decade, many American citizens have turned to this natural supplement for their physical well-being and mental health. Americans actually spend approximately $2.6 billion yearly on this product. There are numerous benefits associated with Omega-3 fatty acids. Personally I love the form of Omega-3 Fish Oils as I would recommend that it has the most benefits. Fish oils are also difficult to consume by food as they are found in limited food groups such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines.
    • So what benefits does this supplement promote? There are tons. The University of Maryland Medical Center discusses its benefits of lower blood pressure, reduces risk of stroke and heart attack, decreases abnormal heart rhythm (anxiety correlation), increases brain function, elevates mood, motivation, and productivity, and replenishes brain cells.
    • Omega-3 Fatty Acids or more specifically omega-3 fish oils are also considered anti-inflammatories meaning that they work primarily to decrease inflammation in the brain and the body. Brain inflammation can contribute to depression, anxiety, wiriness, ADHD, ADD, and disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. I take a fish-oil daily for my mental health and I have gotten my mother to take one as well. I think everyone should.
    • Omega-3 - Best Supplements for Depression

  4. Vitamin B

    • Vitamin B or more specifically B-complex vitamins help your body make energy from the food you consume by forming red blood cells. However, while most people who eat a varied, nutritional diet can receive a plentiful amount of B vitamins (meat, leafy greens, dairy, peas, and whole grains) there is still an abundance of people who have vitamin B deficiency. These can include people who take prescription antacids, are vegetarian or vegan, people who implement fasting, over the age of 50, have stomach or small intestine disorders, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and those who drink alcohol frequently.
    • Vitamin B also has positive affects on physical conditions such as heart disease and PMS (premenstrual syndrome). You will find a healthy outcome for your physical and mental health. Vitamin B is very important.
    • According to the US National Library of Medicine, an investigation was performed that looked at the productivity of Vitamin B consumption for the improvement and decrease of depression and anxiety symptoms. The participants were assessed at baseline and again at 30 and 60 day followups. What scientists found was a significant improvement in decreasing the symptoms of depression and anxiety among the adult participants (60 people).
    • Vitamin B - Best Supplements for Depression

  5. Theanine

    • Theanine or more specifically L-theanine is extracted from tea leaves to generate over-the-counter supplements. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, L-theanine has been investigated for its positive effects of relaxing and calming the nervous system thereby being an effective remedy for anxiety. Theanine also contains beneficial properties that help reduce depression symptoms.
    • Depression can contain symptoms such as heavy fatigue, insomnia, appetite loss, eating disorders, over-eating, isolation, muscle pains, and chronic sadness. L-theanine is proposed as an alternate natural supplement to prescribed medication that can reduce these symptoms. This is due to the increased functionality of the central nervous system that gives your mind a stress-free, anxiety-free, and relaxing effect. There is limited studies pertaining to this supplement, but through a bit of research, it does have positive effects.
    • L-theanine has largely been correlated in decreasing anxiety among patients. Again, this is because its main purpose is to calm the nervous system, thereby promoting feelings of soothing and relaxation.
    • Theanine - Best Supplements for Depression

  6. Turmeric 

    • This supplement is a herbaceous perennial plant in the ginger family. It is native to southern Asia. You may not have heard of this product, but it is the yellow spice that colors curry and American yellow mustard. It is also considered an very strong anti-inflammatory like omega-3 fatty acids.
    • Turmeric has been found to increase nerve growth in the frontal cortex and hippocampal areas of the brain. They also implement benefits on physical health such as reducing the risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease mainly because they promote anti-inflammation in the brain and body.
    • This product’s main constituent is curcumin and together, studies have shown that they effectively reduce inflammation in the brain, thereby decreasing symptoms of depression. Other benefits include the prevention of heart disease, arthritis, increase brain function, and increase in long life.  I consume this product through supplement form because you will attain the most efficient amounts of turmeric through supplements. It is actually difficult to consume the high levels of turmeric you need by food to maximize all the benefits. That is why a supplement of turmeric is easily efficient in providing you with the natural nerve growth you need to implement emotional well-being.
    • Turmeric - Supplements That Help Depression

  7. SAM-e

    • This product has been available as natural dietary supplement in the US since 1999. The body uses SAM-e to make specific chemicals that play a beneficial role in pain, depression, liver disease, and other conditions. Those who don’t make enough SAM-e from the body take this through supplement form. Again, those with diet restrictions or certain physical conditions such as an increase in age can find it difficult to obtain this important compound.
    • Overall, it is a powerful mood elevator, thereby increasing positive brain chemistry in aims to reduce depression symptoms. I personally do not take SAM-e. Through reading reviews by clicking the product, you will notice majority of them are positive. However, I take 5-HTP and for my main depression supplement and I find it works great.
    • SAM-e is also used for anxiety, heart disease, abdominal pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, tendinitis, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Since the product contains healthy compounds needed for essential bodily and mind functions, it has a lot of beneficial effects.
    • SAM-e - Supplements for Depression

  8. Vitamin D

    • You have probably noticed a pattern here. Take your vitamins like your mother has told you! Mainly, vitamin D plays an essential role in bone health but other studies have shown that vitamin D has a positive affect on your mental health like vitamin B and C.
    • Vitamin D receptors has been found in areas of the brain. These receptors are found on the surfaces of our cells and when these cells receive a certain chemical signal, it tells the cell to act in a certain way (divide, die, replicate, repair). This means that vitamin D is acting in a crucial way for our cells in the brain.
    • A theory that is often presented is that vitamin D affects the amount of chemicals called monoamines like serotonin. Therefore, with vitamin D efficiency, you will notice an uptake of monoamines in the brain, thereby resulting in an increase in serotonin levels.
    • Vitamin D - Supplements That Help Depression

  9. Melatonin 

    • Melatonin is found naturally in the body throughout hormones. It is sometimes used to establish order in life-cycles such as decreasing jet-lag, adjusting sleep-wake cycles, and helping those establish a daily and nightly routine. It is used for insomnia patients as this product helps those with sleep disorders.
    • Mainly, melatonin is like an internal clock that aids in regulating internal rhythm in your body, thereby allowing for a fixed sleep schedule. It is made from serotonin, hence why people take this product to help elevate their moods and decrease depression symptoms. If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), then this product is definitely the best option for you. If you suffer from insomnia or lack sleep in general, then I would recommend melatonin.
    • Melatonin - Best Supplements for Depression

  10. Vitamin C

    • Mental disorders such as depression often steal sleep, appetite, energy, and mood from people. Vitamin C is relatively inexpensive and is extremely healthy not only for the body, but for the mind also.
    • Vitamin C deficiency can lead to physical disorders such as scurvy, Crohn’s disease, and celiac disease. These physical disorders can have an adverse affect on your mental health by promoting stress and hormonal changes. Stress and hormonal change are big contributing factors to mental illnesses such as depression. That is why vitamin C supplements help combat this deficiency, thereby promoting a positive effect on your physical and mental health.
    • Moderate vitamin C deficiency can even be linked to symptoms of depression. An experimental study published in the January 2011 issue of the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry found that low levels of Vitamin C was correlated with higher mortality rates and symptoms of depression. Implementing healthy foods such as vegetables and salads (leafy greens) can increase levels of Vitamin C, but many people find that taking vitamin C supplements is an easier and more efficient method to acquire these doses.
    • Vitamin C - Supplements for Depression

  11. Amino Acids

    • These are organic compounds essential for the body and mind. They contain amines and carboxyl functional groups along with a specific side chain to each amino acid. They make up proteins that are important for bodily and brain functions. Amino acid residues form the second largest component of human muscles and tissues. Besides their roles as protein functions, they promote neurotransmitter support that helps regulate mood and brain function.
    • Without an adequate amount of amino acids, your brain cannot function properly leading to wiriness and decreased brain activity which can lead to depression symptoms.
    • Amino Acids - Supplements That Help Depression

  12. Probiotics

    • These supplements are considered anti-inflammatory microbes that affect the gut and brain in a positive way. They are mainly consumed for stomach or digestion problems. However, they also help  to decrease stress signaling in the body and increase the transformation of tryptophan into serotonin (chemical responsible for happiness and mood elevation). Research has shown that probiotics have positive effects similar to antidepressants which also help elevate mood and brain function by increasing serotonin levels.
    • A massive amount of serotonin is also found in the gut (majority of it actually). Having a healthy guy will allow healthy serotonin levels.
    • I take probiotics for my body mostly whenever I have an upset stomach. I find other supplements work better for depression like 5-HTP whose sole purpose is to elevate the mood.
    • Nonetheless, probiotics are healthy for both the body and the mind. Other studies have shown a decrease in anxiety symptoms also.
    • Probiotics - Best Supplements For Depression

My Recommendations

  1. 5-HTP: I take this everyday. This I take one capsule during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However lately, I have noticed very steady mood improvements, so I lower my dosage to sometimes even 1 capsule per day. Start with 3 capsules per day. It truly is a great natural supplement that elevates your mood greatly due to the increase production of serotonin (happy chemical) in the brain. 5-HTP does not come with any side effects for most people and you will notice an improvement of mood and overall well-being in about a week or two. If it takes longer, don’t panic. Everyone’s brains work differently. Give it some more time. This is by far my favorite natural supplement and personally, the best one for depression.
  2. GABA: I take this also. I mainly take it for my anxiety because this supplement has a calming and relaxing effect on the central nervous system. However, depression and anxiety come hand in hand as you may have noticed so GABA does help with both depression and anxiety symptoms. You will notice mood elevation as well as a calming effect when taking this. This is my most recommended supplement for anxiety.
  3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: These are essential for mental and physical health. They are extremely popular because they have many mental and physical benefits. Physically omega-3 helps prevent heart attack and stroke, lowers blood pressure, decreases abnormal heart rhythm, and prevents arthritis by loosening joint pain and stiffness. Mentally, they help with depression by decreasing inflammation in both the body and brain. Omega-3 come mostly in fatty fishes which are hard to acquire. That is why many have turned to the supplement form. I would say everyone should be taking omega-3, depression or not.
  4. Turmeric: Another great supplement that has many physical and mental benefits. I take my turmeric everyday with one capsule per day. Turmeric prevents cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, arthritis, depression, and increases life-span. It is an anti-inflammatory like omega-3s that tend to aid the body and brain by decreasing high levels of inflammation (inflammation causes many physical disorders as well as mental disorders.) Turmeric is basically a very strong anti-inflammatory. I wish more people new about this supplement. People refer to it is the mega-multivitamin.
  5. Vitamin B,C,D: Vitamins are extremely important for numerous physical and mental reasons. Take your vitamins is all I have to say. You’ve probably been told that however. I try to take mine everyday, but I am guilty of missing some doses. That may seem like a lot of supplements but truthfully they are all natural and our bodies and minds are natural machines constantly ready to up-take natural products to use for our own efficiency.

Those are my top 5 recommendations. Of course, the other supplements listed that aren’t in my recommendations are extremely helpful as well for their own reasons.

All of them help reduce depression symptoms, but some more than others because some solely focus on elevating your mood, like 5-HTP while others help with both physical and mental issues.

I would like to stress that a combination of these supplements is completely safe. I combine mine everyday and have only noticed positives for my health.

To Conclude

If you are unsure, start with 5-HTP. Again, that is what I started with and I noticed an impact on mood elevation very quickly. Much quicker than you will find with antidepressants.

However, it is important that you implement other actions in your life to help combat your depression.

Allow your supplements to give you the elevation you need to change your life-style, your choices, and your way of thinking and behavior.

Exercise and eating healthy are the two main ones I would like to emphasize. With these beneficial supplements, a healthy routine and diet, you will find a massive improvement on your physical and mental health. Read my article that discusses the best foods for depression and the best exercises for depression.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, do not hesitate to ask me. I have had many years experience with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Comment below if you have something to add or just want to connect. I live to help people and I am so grateful for the help I have received.



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Robert Sherwood


  1. Thank you for this great review, I obviously suffer from depression but of late more so anxiety.
    I have heard of some of these products and keen to learn more about them. I am on prescribed meds and wonder is it safe to use both?
    Thank you

    • Thank you for reaching out Mark. Glad I could help. How long have you been taking prescribed meds if you don’t mind I ask? These are all natural products I have listed here so to answer your question, it is safe to use both. However that may be redundant. If you ever want to stop using prescribed medication, then I would encourage you to start here with these natural products to keep you in the same happy mind-set.

  2. I take probiotic to help with my digestion problem and it helps. I appreciate all this information about vitamin C. I didn’t know that a lack could lead to so many disorders. I use to take the tablets, but not anymore. I now prefer to get it straight from my food. I have a family member who seems to experience depression sometimes, so I will bookmark this post and share it with her because she could do with some of these supplements.

    • So glad I could help Carol. Vitamins are extremely important for mental health. If you have other concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. Hey glad to see you are taking something you struggled with and trying to help others out. I’ve never dealt with depression, my wife has and it certainly was a challenge. I didn’t realize there were so many natural remedies to help combat it. I have had multiple issues with my stomach over the years so I’m typically taking some kind of probiotic. Haven’t had any for a while, better pick some up soon.

    • Happy to help Jeffrey. There are many natural remedies to fight depression and I urge people to take advantage of them.

  4. Great information here and I would totally agree that taking these supplements, either one or some together, will reduce and or eliminate depression. This is the beauty of natural medicine, which is how it should be, since our bodies are hard-wired to effectively use natural substances as medicine.

    Hippocrates has said, Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Natural supplements are basically the nutrients that our bodies need but can no longer get from food because of the Western Diet and depletion of nutrients in food. This is why we supplement.

    I personally was totally healed of cancer back in 2000 and mainly all because of the immune system boosting supplements I took, three of which you mention above. I took Turmeric which kills cancer cells among other great benefits, Vitamin D3 which is an important immune system booster, and Vitamin C, another immune system booster.

    I have been taking supplements for more than 20 years and have never taken any kind of prescription medication. In this time I beat cancer, type 2 diabetes, West Nile virus, and even the flu and common cold. Though I have never been diagnosed with depression, I know from the clinical proof that supplements for depression really do work.

    • Hi Robert. Thank you for sharing your story. It is very inspirational and proves that natural supplements does wonders to the mind and body. Yes, vitamins are extremely important for physical and mental health – I wish more people knew that. Glad to hear your journey with cancer and other said illnesses has been a success. Natural supplements are pure and you’re right, our bodies are hard-wired to effectively use natural substances to thrive.

  5. Rob being depressed is like being lock up with own self. thanks for the info Rob. I suffer myself with depression and it a battle everyday so keep doing you by speading the word on depression. Thanks again

    • Thank you Carol. Spreading the word of natural remedies to treat depression is definitely a goal of mine.

  6. Very good, informative info. I alternate between prescription sleeping pills and Melatonin. Melatonin does work but you have to go to sleep right when it hits you or it will wear off. You can’t take Melatonin every night because your body gets immuned to it and it stops working that’s why I alternate.

    • Good to know. Thank you for the informative info Carol. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask!

  7. Hello Rob,
    Thank you for sharing about so many different supplements and how they can improve mental health. There are a lot of natural ways to help with depression and improving your nutrition is certainly one of the top things you should do.

    • I completely agree with you Marsha. Implementing a proper diet with good nutritional values is extremely important for your mental health.

  8. Hi, Rob–I suffered for depression for years but refused to see a doctor for prescription medication as I did not want to become dependent on them. I appreciate your mention specifically of B Vitamins, as just this one vitamin alone made all the difference to my emotional health. While studying psychology at University, I also ready studies that indicated people suffering from Schizophrenia are severely deficient in all B vitamins, and just wonder how much of mental issues are related to vitamin deficiency.
    Thanks for all the research that went into this article.

    • Thank you Judy. I have also read studies pertaining to schizophrenia correlation with vitamin B deficiency. That definitely adds to the proof that vitamins are essential for physical and mental health. Again, thank you for reaching out.

  9. Hi Bob,

    Great article, I’ve found it fascinating!
    I don’t suffer from depression but I an anxious person. I don’t think it is the same symptoms. I have a question, though. Which of these supplements is best to take for anxiety? What do you suggest? Also, I would like to know if they can be taken with other medicals?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Daniella, thanks for reaching out. The best supplement for anxiety I would recommend is GABA. Research shows that there is a stronger correlation with decreasing anxiety symptoms by taking GABA supplements. This is because they produce neurotransmitters that help make a calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system, thereby reducing anxiety. Yes, you can take these with other medications as they are all natural supplements. Hope that helps and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

  10. This is a really amazing article. There is so much information here. Thank you for taking the time to research and put this altogether so we can easily access the info. My boyfriend recently got some GABA and told me I should try it because it was helping boost his mood immediately after taking. I did try it before work one day and it seemed to help me deal with some of my work stresses in a calmer way.

    I live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains almost constantly 10 months out of the year so I’m probably deficient in vitamin D. Do you have any recommendations for an effective vitamin D supplement?

    • Hi Katie, my pleasure. Yes, GABA does work. I have taken it for my anxiety and depression. It works by developing a calm and relaxing effect towards the nervous system, thereby reducing anxiety. This in turn also elevates mood as your mind function will increase. As for vitamin D, if you want food supplements, then fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, tuna, and mackerel. However, those may be heard to acquire. Orange juice and soy mile as well as egg yolks are high in vitamin D. Personally, I take vitamin D supplements and the one I have on my page is my favorite. It is relatively inexpensive and contains all the right nutritional values to obtain healthy vitamin D. They also come in 500 soft gels which lasts an eternity. 

  11. I was not aware of the fact that probiotics helped for depression – will definitely take your advice and bookmark your article for later reference. Thanks for the great tips!

  12. Hi Rob!

    I’ve had many people close to me suffering with depression, and it’s really hard to help them out.

    I guess, sometimes you need to combine mental health exercises with some chemical products which create a positive response in your body.

    Thanks for sharing this thorough and helpful information.

    I’m glad you made it though that awful experience and it’s very nice of you that you’re helping others do the same.


    • Thank you. That is much appreciated. I am so happy I am able to help people and have a positive effect on their lives.

  13. Hi Rob,

    This is a very serious subject because many people deal with depression every day and don’t know how to deal with it. This is a great article on different ways someone could help themselves with depression.

    I wasn’t aware that Vitamin C and Omega 3 was good to take to help with depression. That is something you can get at any store, which is great.

    Happy you have provided different natural supplements to help someone deal with depression.

    Great Article.

    • Thank you Karden. Yes, actually a lot of people are unaware that certain vitamin supplements as well as amino acids and omega 3 can prevent and help depression. I am trying to spread the word that there are many natural ways to fight depression including supplements as I have mentioned and exercises, activities, etc..

  14. Hello there,

    The depression can be a tough thing to deal with.
    I didn’t know that the probiotics help to battle it.
    It’s so good that you mention only natural supplements as the best way to fight the depression since a lot of people tend to immediately take heavy medicaments.
    I consider this as a mistake.

    • I agree with you Asen. I would very much like people who battle depression to try natural ways first. Change your life-style as well as implement natural supplements. It is great to talk about it as well even if it is your doctor. But I encourage people not to hop on the prescribed medication list for anti-depressants until they for sure come to a conclusion, that that is the best option.

  15. Mega informative article – kudos for sharing all the great info.

    I had zero clue that probiotics could battle depression. Same goes for amino acids which brings me to another subject.

    I’ve been taking protein powders for as long as I can remember. Since protein breaks down into amino acids in the body – could I be protecting myself from depression without even realizing it?

    • My pleasure Simon. Yes, protein is essential for a proper, nutritional diet. Since they break down into amino acids in the body like you have mentioned, yes you are acquiring healthy doses of amino acids to help prevent depression. Protein-based foods contain essential vitamins like B vitamins (mainly animal proteins) which is great for mental health too. However, protein powder by itself does not contain vitamins, but yes you are still getting your amino acids through protein powder which is great for your mental health.

  16. Very helpful article for supplements for depression, I never knew there were supplements for depression before today.

    How would one choose which supplements is best for them to try for depression, would a person need all these to overcome depression or would one work for the majority of people?

    Great choice of supplements for depression help

    • Thank you Jeffrey. You definitely wouldn’t need all of these to overcome depression as some of them have very similar properties. I would recommend taking your vitamins as this has numerous benefits to your physical and mental health. As for depression relatedness, I would recommend 5-HTP. I have taken this and it works rather quickly. It puts me in a positive state with motivation and overall, elevates my mood. I would also very much recommend omega-3 fatty acids as this improves your mental state by decreasing inflammation in the brain. It is also difficult to acquire omega 3 in foods because they are found in fatty fish substances such as mackerel, sardines, and salmon. That is why a lot of people take supplements for them. So for depression, my number one recommendation would be 5-HTP. For anxiety, I would say GABA is the way to go. Overall, it is essential to consume your vitamins, amino acids, and omega 3’s for physical and mental health benefits.

  17. Depression is becoming far too common, just like cancer. Sometimes I wonder if it has to do with what we are eating. It is so awesome that you recommend natural remedies rather than drugs or prescription. I think the natural remedies are a far better suggestion in the long run. Thank you for explaining the products in detail. I definitely know where to come if and when I need a cure for depression.

    • My pleasure Ellen. I can’t stress enough that natural remedies do work when curing depression. A proper diet, exercise, and natural supplements such as vitamins is a great way to start!

  18. This is an excellent website. I work in the mental health field and also battle anxiety. You are spot on with your advice. Your website will benefit many people.
    Many of your suggestions for OTC medications are exactly what are used in many European countries.
    You seem quite wise and knowledgeable for being so young. Impressive. Best of luck to you.

    • Thank you Suzanne. I really appreciate that. My main goal is to help people who are suffering as I did. Mental health should not go unnoticed and I am grateful that it is receiving more positive attention in today’s society.

  19. Hi Rob, and thanks for the great information. I like to take vitamin C as an all around supplement. It helps keep me from catching the cold and is also a great energy booster. I did not know that it is also good for depression. What supplement do you think is the best for overall improved mood?

    • Hi Mitch, yes vitamin C as well as other vitamins like B and D are very important for physical and mental health. To improve the overall mood, I really like 5-HTP. It works relatively fast and increases serotonin in the brain which is an essential chemical for happiness and emotional well-being.

  20. All great and helpful products, the one that has helped me out is Turmeric, my mom try to incorporate it into our foods often and I eat about a spoon of it every day. It has helped me. Great review though, because now I have the knowledge of more helpful products that could help me so thank you for sharing.

    • Awesome! Glad I could help. I love turmeric for my body and mental health.

  21. I wholeheartedly agree with the natural approach to fighting depression. And who would have thought that Vitamin C and Omega 3’s can come to the rescue yet again. Nice thorough article. Thank you!

    • You’re very welcome Eric. I am happy to help. Vitamins as well as Omega 3’s are essential for mental health. They truly come to the rescue.

  22. I love turmeric, I make a turmeric latte almost every day! And probiotics/gut health have been super helpful for my mood. I haven’t heard of GABA and some of your other suggestions, will have to check those out.

    • Turmeric is great. I add it to my dishes I make and it does help. I take a probiotic almost every night for digestion and gut health as well as elevating my mood. Glad I could help. GABA is also a great supplement. It does wonders for anxiety which I really like about it as it calms the nervous system.

    • Turmeric with black pepper is even more effective as the black pepper – biopirine enhances the assimilation of turmeric. The ratio is allegedly 16 turmeric to 1 of black pepper

  23. Hey Rob,

    great post! Depression is on the increase. We have lots of pro footballers here in Australia coming out and admitting their mental health issues and getting treatment.

    I love that you mention turmeric. I have a website dedicated to turmeric and yes it has been shown in clinical trials to help with depression. Most disease is caused by inflammation and turmeric is the best anti inflammatory. Great work mate,


    • That is great to hear Kevin. It is important to discuss our mental health issues. Mental health issues is surprisingly large within the athlete base so I am very happy to hear these pro footballers are getting the help they need. Everyone seems to love turmeric. Why not? I love it. It helps immensely with my body health as well as elevating my spirit. I find that a healthy body leads to a healthy mindset.

  24. Hi Rob,
    That’s an interesting post. I didn’t know that vitamin can help fight depression and anxiety. I know many friends that are dealing with anxiety. I should advise them to check out your site. Thanks for sharing.

    • Glad I could help Kien. I live to help people with their mental health issues. Vitamins are essential for not only physical health but also mental health.

  25. This is a great post. Showing that there is a natural way to combat depression is necessary so I consider this post very important. I hope you will continue to focus on this subject. There isn’t enough information/promotion regarding this topic in my opinion. There are too many people dying from taking medications and anti depressants: especially when they take different kinds of meds at the same time. In my opinion it’s safer to take supplements without combining them with other medications.

    • I am glad I could help Dira. I will definitely continue focusing on this subject as the information regarding mental health needs to increase. Together, let’s end the stigma and provide all the help we can give. That is my main goal. I agree with you that natural supplements are 100% safe and does a great job to combat mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.

  26. Thank you for giving us options when it comes to depression suppliments. I may not have suffered from this but its always good to know facts. With our current environment and current economical condition, people tends to get depressed. Atleast your article is very informative and will surely help people.
    Prevention is better than cure… Atleast we can take these suppliments to be healthier and fight depression. Thanks Rob.

    • Yes, depression is increasing among citizens every day. It is important to get this information out there. Thank you for reaching out.

  27. Great reviews on a natural product for depression. Many people combat depression with drugs and it is not good for long terms. With this natural product, safe to consume. it will be the best solution for depression. Nice post.

    • I agree with you. The supplements I have listed are all natural and very important for mental and physical health. Let’s spread the word.

  28. Great work Rob,very helpful information.
    I think this is one of the best way to combat depression and I’m sure that not everyone knows vitamins can help them to overcome depression

    • For sure. There are a ton of people that need to brush up on these supplements as they can make the difference. Natural ways like consuming your vitamins is a great thing to do when battling mental health issues. The brain is ready to uptake these natural, pure substance and help with the mind. Thank you for reaching out.

  29. Great suggestions. I take the subject of depression very seriously as it had its grips on me for many years before I was able to finally shake free. I find that any step someone can take to move toward re-claiming their own vitality and well-being is a positive step, so investigating posts like this is great, and you’ve clearly done a lot of work to make this as helpful as possible. Well done!

    • So glad you are feeling positive again Kevin. Yes, information like this is extremely important and can help truly. Thank you for reaching out and I am glad I could help!

  30. Hi Rob, I see there are so many natural supplements we can take to combat depression. Thanks for organizing this information as it is a good post to use as a reference. Many of these supplements help combat many other diseases as well. The key for me is consistency with supplements. I know these will help if I just be consistent.

    • Thank you Claudette. Yes many of them help with both mental and physical illnesses which is great! Be consistent with these natural supplements and you will notice a huge change regarding your mental health!

  31. I agree if you some type of supplement the natural supplement is best along with some type of therapy.

    • I agree. Talking to someone is another natural way to combat depression. Supplements as well as discussing your mental illness and opening up with someone can really help.

  32. Hi there!

    I’m so glad that you focused on the natural way to combating depression, instead of using pharmaceutical drugs, I’m not a fan of them for obvious reasons. I truly feel that everything we experience mentally can be dealt with naturally, after all we are the ones who are creating our depression.


    • Hey Laurence, I completely agree with you. Natural remedies work great with battling these common mental illnesses such as depression. Thanks for reaching out.

  33. Thanks Rob, I didn’t know vitamin C may help with depression.

    • Yes, vitamins are very important for not only physical health, but also mental health! Consume your vitamins!

  34. I totally agree about the probiotics and omega-3’s. I have felt immensely better since I started taking them more regularly. I do believe that all health can be healed starting in the gut! I also take 10,000 IU vitamin D, and HCL for stomach troubles, as well as spirulina (from a clean source).
    Thank you for this informative post!

    • So happy I could help Irma. I love probiotics. It makes my body feel so much better which I think in turn relieves the mind as well. Thank you for your insight of the other supplements you take! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask!

  35. I would just like to thank you for all this info, so much in a short space. You are obviously an expert in the field. I am certainly going to try 5 HTP and vitamin C, though I think I prefer to take my probiotics in milk kefir. Great article!

    • Thank you Marcia for the kind compliment. I love 5-HTP and take it daily with my vitamins and omega-3s. You will notice a great improvement with your mental health which will allow you to become more motivated and productive.

  36. A colleague of mine suffers depression and has been taking medication and doses of all types for two years now. Your website is packed with useful information. I had no idea that supplements such as vitamin C and D can do the job of getting someone out of depression. I have sent this post to my friend so she can have a read.Thank you for this post.

    • Glad I could help. Yes, heavy medication such as prescription does work but you eventually want to get off of these, not to mention the side-effects, addiction, and the lengthy time it takes for them to kick in. More people should go natural and invest in taking the proper natural supplements as well as natural activities (eating healthy, exercise, meditation, yoga etc.) to overall help combat depression. Thank you for reaching out.

  37. I have been suffering with anxiety and depression for nearly a year now and I am taking doctor prescribed medication which seems ok but if any of these supplements are any good, why isn’t the doctor telling us about them?

    • Thank you for your question. These supplements are definitely proven to be good, both through user experience and scientifically. Some doctors recommend them while others don’t. I believe it depends on the situation one describes themselves to be in when they are depressed. I definitely have heard of cases where doctors actually won’t prescribe medication and alternately recommend these products for the own safety of the patient. This is smart. You want to try to incorporate natural ways/remedies/supplements to help beat depression first. If this doesn’t seem to work, then yes, moving to prescribed medication is an option. That being said, there are doctors that have no problem just prescribing heavy anti-depressants. It may be a money thing where they believe the patient will always come back for a refill, thus generating more revenue. Or, these doctors may not be too inclined on mental illness and just find anti-depressants the main way of dealing with depression. Depression needs more positive attention from everyone. There is no set-cure and no set reason. For everyone out there including doctors, we need to focus more on what the best scenario is to help these patients. I would recommend trying natural ways first including natural supplements. Do not just jump on the bandwagon of prescribed meds if you are depressed. If the situation is at its lowest point, then I would strongly recommend therapy at first as therapists have a better idea of what to prescribe and if prescription is the best option.

  38. I have a brother who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. He has been doing better lately. There is a need for supplements, because the meds can be nasty and doesn’t always help. Even my physician admits that meds are nasty. For myself I take omegas, probiotics, D3s, curcumin, lycopene, and a few others myself. When an individual comes to me because of their depression, I always send them to their doctor first. There can be a number of causes that leads to it – brain tumors, hormonal imbalance, are just a couple. So, they need blood work and other tests to make sure it’s not physical in nature. Another option for depression is to volunteer. When your reaching out to others (helping others) it makes you feel better about yourself because your finding purpose and meaning in life. There is so much involved with depression, it’s a lot more complicated than some are aware of. I could go on about this, however, I don’t want to create a post within a post. Excellent post by the way.

    All the best to you,

    • Thank you for reaching out Don. Yes, I agree prescribed meds can bring nasty side-effects and can take a while to kick in even if you do find the right ones the first time around. I have heard cases where people who struggle with depression have worked for a year to find the right fit of prescribed meds. Sometimes it’s a hit and miss.

      There can be many causes of depression. There is no one set cause and no one set cure. It works differently for everyone. Health, brain chemistry, stress, hormonal imbalance, genetics, and environment can all play a role when developing depression. Volunteering is great for helping depression. It definitely gives you the satisfaction and elevates the mood. Thank you for your compliment Don. Depression is very complicated and definitely deserves the up-most respect, attention, and care.

  39. I’ve never been diagnosed as clinically depressed, but I’ve definitely had my low moments. Is this due to a chemical imbalance in my brain? Are there any daily supplements that you recommend would work best with ensuring a stable balance?

    • Hi Micheal. There is actually no set cause of depression. Depression can result from many different factors and vary from person to person. Factors and causes can stem from biology (genetics), health (hormone imbalance, stress, physical illness etc.), brain chemistry like you mentioned where a chemical imbalance can occur in the brain where serotonin or dopamine levels are not efficient enough. Yes, I take daily supplements that do a great job allowing the chemicals to be at their most operative and efficient state. I really like 5-HTP and GABA as they do the trick rather quickly. I also would like to emphasize that taking your daily vitamins as well as omega 3-s are extremely important for a healthy mind and body!

  40. Nice review. This will help lot people to know how to fight depression with natural supplements. I just know that there is a melatonin supplement. So what the ingredient of this melatonin supplement?

    • Thank you. Melatonin is a great supplement. It is mostly used for those with sleep issues or SAD (seasonal affective disorder) where those experience mental issues related to seasonal or time changes. Melatonin helps to elevate the mood and enhance sleep cycles consistently. Melatonin can be a natural or synthetic product. I stress taking the natural form where the main is melatonin which is a type of hormone produced naturally in the body made by the pineal gland in the brain.

  41. My sister suffers from Anxiety. She is on prescription meds and she’s experiencing side effects lately. I’m glad that I found your post. I guess she will be better if she takes these natural supplements.

    • Glad I could help Demi. Natural supplements are great for mental illnesses such as anxiety. I would recommend GABA as it does a great job calming the central nervous system.

  42. Hello Rob – Thanks for providing this natural supplements. I have been in depresssion for a long time where I’m following some physical remedies to recover, I found this very interesting on supplements. I have never used one and would like to start with one of the mentioned but a little confused which is good for a beginner? Also I don’t want any side effects in the long term – which one can you suggest me? Keep well and cheers 🍻

    • You’re welcome Manasir. Glad I could be handy. Yes, a lot of people get confused on which ones to take. I take a bunch and you could say I am fairly new to natural supplements. Previously, I did not know the wonders these supplements could do for both the mind and body. These supplements are natural and come with very limited side-effects (not even close to those of prescribed medication).

      I would recommend 5-HTP – I started taking this and I noticed improvements within a week with no side-effects other than adjusting to the product as it takes around a week to kick in. Prescribed medication can take from 2-12 weeks to start to work if you find the right one the first go-around. That is why I would like to emphasize the greatness of natural supplements. You should also be consuming your vitamins daily as well as amino acids and omega-3s for anti-inflammatory purposes.

  43. There’s turmeric again. It seems the universe is trying to tell me something, because I’d never even really heard of turmeric before, but over the last few months, I seem to be seeing it everywhere, including this very helpful list. I’ll look into it.
    Amino acids also speak to me. I started using a BCAA (branch chain amino acid) supplement for when I exercise, and I really notice when I DON’T use it, even on a day of rest. It helps.
    This is a terrific article. Keep up the great work!

    • Turmeric is awesome Kevin. Very good for the mind and body. So many benefits and it is weird a lot of people do not know of it. It has been used in ancient herb medicine for thousands of years. Amino acids are also essential for a fully operative mind and body. I love my omega-3s also. Thank you for reaching out and thank you for your compliment. I love to help others!

  44. Hi Rob. I sometimes get a recurring bad dream which I have interpreted as being anxious. I am not happy with something in my life and need to deal with it. Besides trying to tackle my problem I would like a natural remedy but there are just so many here that I am lost.

    • Hi Owain. There a lot of natural supplements out there because they all have different properties but essentially do the same thing which is help the body and mind. They also differ because every human is different and reacts differently to certain supplements or meds than others. I think supplements are better in this case in which they work well for everyone because they are natural products. Our bodies and minds our natural machines that need to up-take natural products to operate. Sorry to hear about your anxious situations. Out of this list I have provided, you want a supplement that calms the central nervous system. I would recommend GABA.

  45. Very Good post. We have to becareful which medicines to use and not to fully rely on these meds. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    • Glad I could help. Thank you for reaching out. Brushing up on our knowledge regarding meds and their side-effects is very important!

  46. Hi there, thanks for sharing such an informative post. I have tried 5HTP with good results in the past. Have you heard of Hemp Seed Oil? This is something I take regularly and it seems to be having a positive effect on my general mood and sense of well-being. Maybe another one for your list? Cheers, Karen

    • Glad to hear you have had success with 5-HTP. I have skimmed over Hemp Seed Oil, but now that you mention it works well for you, I will look into it more deeply. Thank you for your insight!

  47. Thanks for the helpful info. I have a bad reaction to most SSRIs and have had to manage my depression naturally. Vitamin B complex and melatonin have been staple parts of my routine for years, and more recently, so also has Vitamin D. I’ll look into Tumeric too -didn’t realize that had a mental health link!

    • You are very welcome. Glad you are managing your depression naturally. Vitamin B and melatonin are great natural supplements for depression. Turmeric is essential. So many benefits. Truthfully, everyone should take turmeric!

  48. hello. i’m curious if you have knowledge of seroplus by pure encapsulations? i just started taking it instead of 5HTP. i suppose i’ll give it a shot. if i don’t notice an improvement i’ll try 5HTP. glad to discover your websit. thank you.

    • Hello,

      I have heard of seroplus and from what I heard it is similar to 5-HTP. 5-HTP is definitely more popular as its sole purpose is to elevate mood by increasing serotonin. Seroplus does this but also contains other ingredients for physical and mental health I believe. I have not taken it so can’t say for myself if it delivers results. I know 5-HTP does from taking it.

      Please let me know what you find and if you don’t see results, I definitely recommend taking 5-HTP.

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