Combat Depression with Vitamin B Supplements

Depression has proven to be the most common type of mental illness and is increasing among American citizens. Fortunately, the effect of improved nutrition, particularly with natural supplements has proven to provide an alternative treatment as opposed to medical prescriptions.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, a study was performed to evaluate the productivity of a vitamin B complex nutritional supplement for the improvement of depression and anxiety symptoms. The participants of the study were assessed at baseline and again at 30 and 60 day followups. These B-Complex Vitamins showed a significant improvement in decreasing the symptoms of depression and anxiety among the participants (60 adults).

In conclusion, B-Complex Vitamins improve mood elevation, energy, and brain power which can effectively decrease depression and anxiety symptoms. There are other vitamins that can effectively reduce depression symptoms by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. Read my article discussing the 10 best vitamins for depression, with vitamin B appearing on that list.

Why should you get Vitamin B?

B-Complex Vitamins help your body make energy from the food you consume and thereby form red blood cells. However, while most people who eat a varied, nutritional diet can get a plentiful amount of B vitamins from food (meat, dairy, leafy greens, peas, and whole grains), there is still an abundance of people who are at an increased rick of Vitamin B deficiency such as those who:

  • Take prescription antacids
  • Drink alcohol frequently
  • Are vegetarian or vegan
  • Over the age of 50
  • Have stomach or small intestine disorders
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women

Overall, B-Complex Vitamins can help not only with physical health conditions such as heart disease and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), but can also immensely improve mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. I urge you to consume your B Vitamins as you will definitely notice an improvement on your physical and mental health.

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Robert Sherwood


  1. Hi Rob, thanks for your insight on Vitamin B for help with depression. It is always great to learn more about natural products that can help with anxiety and depression. So many people suffer from those including myself (hypnotherapy helps too) I am taking Gabba right now- it helps to promote relaxation and was recommended to me… do you know much about Gabba?

    • Great, glad I can help. Yes, I have heard of Gaba. I am planning on doing a product review of it soon. What I like about it is that it is difficult to obtain Gaba through natural foods, that’s why their supplements help. It is definitely a product that helps mental health moreso than physical. There is not much information on it regarding side-effects and risks towards physical health; something I am not that big of a fan of. But according to product reviews, it does help mental health patients with anxiety and depression. Thanks for reaching out Andrea!

  2. Thanks for the advice Rob.
    My daughter suffered with depression early last year. Doctors just gave her the normal antidepressants. That aren’t really good for you !
    After reading your article I will get her some vitamin b complex, just in case she has a relapse.

    • Great, glad I could help Paul. Vitamin B is necessary and very efficient for not only physical health, but your mental health. Best of luck to your daughter.

  3. I have a very different question. I do intermittent fasting and even though I eat enough meat, do I have a risk of Vitamin B deficiency?

    • While you do intermittent fasting, do you ever feel less energized like dizzy, wiry, fatigued or like you are going to faint? This means that you could have vitamin B deficiency periodically. However, if you do eat a lot of meat and your intermittent fasting patterns are not very unordinary and do not feel these symptoms, then you should be fine. Still, taking natural Vitamin B supplements is important to make sure you are getting enough of it.

      • It is not possible to “feel fine” deep down if one is contributing to the slaughter of poor animals. The karma for animal killing will definitely contribute towards depression. Pardon the expression, but eating corpses is a very unconscious and depressing activity to the consciousness. The killing of over 100 billion animals every year by the slaughterhouse industry creates a horrific amount of bad karma upon this planet which is seen in the result of wars, famines, earthquakes, floods, you name it ! I would never say that anyone who eats a lot of meat ” should be fine” because they never will be with that “diet”

        • I would have to disagree. Famines, earthquakes, floods etc are not a result of karma. Those are Earth’s natural processes and there is nothing wrong with eating meat. Killing for food is fine as such every carnivore on the planet does it. I do disagree with killing for sport, but hunting and killing animals for food gives us the nutritional efficiency we need.

  4. I take vitamin B complex for a variety of reasons,depression is not one of them but I know that it helps people with depression. I’ve talked to people I know who seems to be depressed and they are taking Vitamin B complex. I take it because it helps with neuropathy in my feet. Many people are deficient in vitamin B. I would take your advice and start taking B complex.

    • Great, glad I could help Rob. Please don’t hesitate if you have anymore regards relating to natural supplements.

  5. Hi Rob,

    Great post. Depression seems to effect everyone in some way these days. I know in my teens I was quite depressed and it took me a long time to move forward. I was never clinically diagnosed but there was a huge stigma back then so I just pushed on.

    Happy to say I am one of the most positive people on the planet now. Love life and help others. For me it was deciding not to become a victim and choosing positive thoughts over negative. Meditation helped a lot and still does.

    Also Golden Paste which is turmeric paste is great for depression too. I will check out more about the vitamin B, thanks again Rob,


    • Hey Kevin. Thanks for reaching out. Yes, the stigma was huge back then and I am very grateful that day by day, the stigma is decreasing. Mental illness should be seen as important as physical illness. I am happy to hear you are a happy and positive person now. In my activities and advice/tips page, I have mediation and battling negative thoughts with positive ones, listed there. That definitely helps. Thank you for your insight on turmeric paste. Take care.

  6. wow very interesting — I had no idea that b vitamins could really help
    my son has been going through depression for almost a year now and this could actually help– so is b complex like b12 b6 etc?
    thanks so much for the info-I will definitely be trying this for my son!

    • Yes, B-complex vitamins delivers eight of the B vitamins: B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin), B9 (folic acid), and B12 (cobalamin). The product I have listed on this article delivers those for sure. Thanks for reaching out and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

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