Here you will find the most beneficial advice/tips to help combat your depression or other mental illness. At even the darkest stages of your illness, there are always people out there willing to help or give advice that you can utilize. Society may seem like a dark and dangerous place and believe me, some people may think this whole mental illness thing is a joke, but there are always those out there who are looking out for you and making society a better atmosphere for those with mental illnesses.

I have suffered with depression and anxiety for years and the battle is still ongoing. One of the best things I have done is listen to advice and tips, that can be found by searching the net like here or talking to a friend, a family member, or a counselor.  There are always people willing to help. You are not alone!

Throughout this page, I will be adding the most beneficial advice you can utilize to combat your depression or other mental illness. 

Great tips on how to combat your depression:

  • Do something new! Try something different. You must have interests and you must want to try something you have never done before. If you are struggling with mental illness such as depression, then pick up something new and enjoyable. It will no doubt take your mind off things and keep you busy. If it is enjoyable, it will also boost morale and give you a pleasant mindset. Running, video games, dancing, drawing are just a few examples.
  • Take responsibilities. If you are depressed, chances are you feel isolated from the rest of the world. You may have a difficult time keeping up with daily tasks such as cleaning, working, or going to school. One of the best natural ways to combat your depression is by getting back into routine. Make a schedule if that helps. Start slowly if you feel like you are unable to jump right back in it. If you aren’t working at the moment, maybe try picking up a part-time job. This will keep you busy, give you distraction, boost your mindset, give you satisfaction, and elevate your mood levels. 
  • Listen to some upbeat, positive music. I find laying in bed and listening to some of my favorite, happy tunes helps. I find healthy music floods my mind with happy thoughts. It kind of puts me in a happy place. It brings back positive memories also. Listen to some upbeat music during the day too. Whether your doing the chores, homework, or just relaxing, listening to healthy music aids in dealing with depression.
  • Go on vacation or a trip. Take your mind off things and travel to one of your favorite places. It doesn’t have to be an all inclusive resort. It could be a small camping trip or even a weekend away in a cool city. You will no doubt find yourself in a place of comfort, but you will be busy doing things you like and keeping your mind away from negative impulses. Personally, I love beaches. Every time I am at a beach, I just feel happy. It really feeds out all negative, unwanted thoughts and I just feel like I am free and happy.
  • Try natural supplements/vitamins that help combat your depression. I consume natural supplements and I can attest that they do work. They come with limited side-effects and kick in faster compared to prescribed medication. Here is the link to the review of my number one recommended product that helps battle depression by increasing serotonin, mood-enhancement, brain function, sleep cycle, and appetite fixture. 
  • Be you. Do not change your appearance, personality, mindset, or way of life for someone else. Do you and this will bring you one step closer to your happiness. Take that risk you wanted to take. Enroll into a class you want to take. Travel. Do what you want as long as it is healthy and good for the community.
  • Use a cognitive approach to treat your depression or other mental illness. This focuses on personal coping strategies by changing unhelpful patterns in your everyday life such as attitude, thoughts, and behavior.  Find effective strategies to decrease these negative impulses. Try to filter out negative thoughts, stay away from toxic people and situations. Find out what makes you happy with yourself. What gives you satisfaction or motivation? Do this. Find other ways that make your mind seem at ease. What activities do you enjoy? Fill your daily life with a positive routine away from any negativity.
  • Take time for yourself. If this means a whole day by yourself without any interaction, then so be it. If you don’t feel like getting into any human interaction in any day, then don’t. Don’t force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. Relax and keep your mind at ease. Make sure if you are going to give yourself some alone time, you fill this time with positivism. 
  • Realize it is okay not to be okay. Mental illness is true. Depression is real. It kills and doesn’t care who you are. It is okay to have a mental illness. They should be treated and viewed the same as physical illnesses. It is as much a battle with your mind as a physical illness is a battle with your body.
  • Realize there is always hope. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel when battling depression or any other mental illness. You are never alone and millions of people suffer from depression world-wide. Thankfully, it is treatable and we can all get better. Never for a second think this is the end, you got this. That being said, take steps to get better. Depression is not cured over night. It takes time and as much time as you need. Do not rush into coping strategies or any kind of treatment. This might make you feel overwhelmed. Find what is best for you and stick with that.
  • Open up and talk about your mental illness. Don’t let the stigma get inside your head. Again, it is okay to have depression. It is a disease like any other. That being said, open up about it whether this is to your best friend, counselor, or family member. The ones who care about you and love you always have your best interest at heart. They also would prefer you open up about it rather than battle it alone.
  • Try natural remedies to cure your depression first before jumping on any pharmaceutical medication. Natural remedies can include exercise, natural supplements, a good diet, or counseling. I like to stress natural supplements over prescribed antidepressants. They come with hardly any side effects and start to work within a week. 5-HTP is the number one recommended natural supplement and one that I take and strongly encourage you to. It is extremely safe and healthy. 
  • Forget about the past, let the future come to you, and only focus on the present. What’s in the past is in the past. It won’t change and there is nothing you can do to change it. So why linger there? Move on. Focus on what is now for you can change what is now. By focusing on the present, your future will come to you smoothly.
  • It is okay to take a sick day due to mental health issues. You should never have to specify to your boss or teacher why you are taking a sick day. That is your business, not theirs. If you feel like you can’t go in for a day or even a week due to mental health issues, it is okay to take it off. Just like people take sick days for physical illnesses, it okay to do this with mental illnesses.



  1. Great advice. I have taken anti depressants for years and went off them in March of this year. I don’t feel down often but I plan to use some of your advice.

    • Great, glad I can help! Natural remedies to fight depression do work. You just have to put in the work to making yourself feel better!

  2. Hi Rob and thank you for providing these tips! I know many friends that could really use your ideas on decreasing their unhappy mode. I really like the vacation idea! Personally, I’ve been in a boat where I couldn’t afford a vacay… so, I made due right in my own backyard. I started putting the “staycation” idea to work for me! I hang lights outside, bring music and I set up a pedicure out on my patio. It makes me feel like I’ve gone to the spa, lol. Anyway, nice article and it is much appreciated! :o)

    • That’s awesome! I am glad it worked out for you! Sometimes a relaxing trip to the backyard and just enjoying the nice weather with some good music goes along way when battling depression in simple steps. Thanks for your input!

  3. Thanks for the tips to combat depression. I totally agree about trying something new. It helps me to take my mind off things and relaxes me whenever I feel anxious. I also find that having family or support from friends is very important.

    • Yes, having support with mental illness is very important. It is a had road and journey to combat completely by yourself. I urge people to find the support they need. The journey will be much easier. Unfortunately, it is hard for some people to reach out for help.

  4. Hello Rob – I find this very interesting reason is being I had terrible incident during the month of March and after that what ever I started have resulted in a failure. Based on that I was so depressed and was googling through internet where I found your article. I’m definitely gonna try the first one which is to ‘try something new that I’m interested in’ – Great review and tips for people like me who are in search of light. Keep well and keep writing.

    • Thank you. Glad I could help and wish you all the best. Trying something new will keep your mind off things and elevate satisfaction and brain power!

  5. Hi Rob, great advice. Very helpful. I know all of us have experienced depression in our lifetime and what you shared are spot on. It is also a good reminder that not all is lost hope when we are in the situation and there are several ways to cope with it. I like your article. Thank you very much for this.

    • Hi JR, glad I could help. There are definitely more than several ways to cope with depression. Natural ways. That is why I have created this website. I want to help people like me who have experienced or are experiencing depression and are not sure how to cope with it yet. It is definitely curable.

  6. Hello Rob,
    I really thank you for your tips and advice, life is long and full of great moments and sad too, so you can’t be depression free even if you want too, but for sure you can fix it, I found your content very rich and informative thank you again.

    • I am happy I could help Adam. Through simple small steps, depression is curable. Thanks for reaching out.

  7. Thanks for sharing your advice. I think that your ideas are very helpful. Sometimes people need a little help getting motivated. Your suggestions offer a great place to start.

    • Thank you for your insight Marsha. Motivation is sometimes difficult for people to attain. But with small, simple steps, it is easily achievable. Glad I could help.

  8. I really like the tips on getting acquainted with your surroundings instead of trying to think that everything can be solved by medication. Just trying to find something new is a great way to feel that you have some life in you again. I would add that you should try to find some local social groups and make sure you have great time management skills.

    • Thank you for reaching out Elan. Yes, that is great input. I will definitely add those to my list. Becoming social is sometimes hard for those who suffer with depression. But it is a step in the right direction. Surround yourself with people that make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Get rid of toxic people. Socializing with those who really have your back is a great remedy for depression. Time-management skills is also very important.

  9. These are all great suggestions and are roads that lead to happiness. I really like listening to music in the mornings to set the day. I dance my way to work by listening to upbeat music on the way to work. I think it is best to combat depression before it even starts. I know music is the cure-all, but it can set the positive mood for most days.

    • I completely agree with you Claudette. Listening to some happy, upbeat music really sets the tone for me. It puts me in an ecstatic state in which I can carry out for the day. Even when I do my daily tasks such as cleaning or cooking, I will listen to some good music. It really helps. Thank you for reaching out.

  10. Great advice Rob, I believe these all great tips to combat depression, I really like the one about going on a trip. But if you a Christian, we need to be relaying on Jesus for our needs and casting all out cares on Him.

    • Glad I could help Todd. It is good to hear that you have a close relationship with God and can count on him to help you during your times of need!

  11. Thank you for all those tips! I have a sister that suffer from depression for the last 15 years, although she takes strong medication I realize that she never use the tips you mention above.
    Thanks again for sharing.

    • You’re very welcome. Natural remedies like implementing a proper diet is essential for mental illnesses such as depression and actually give the same value as taking prescribed medication but without the side-effects!

  12. This is some great information. I was wondering how do you feel about medical marijuana in terms for treatment for depression. I have used Kava Kava and Chamomile, but I have never tried 5-htp!

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