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Hi everyone! My name is Rob. I am 23 years old and am currently trying to live my life fully and happily as all of you are trying to I hope. I have battled depression for years and currently still in my journey. I have tried numerous ways to combat my depression and am experienced in the ways that work well. If anyone has depression or knows of someone with this common mental illness, you may know it works in weird and wondrous ways. I am extremely grateful that mental illness such as depression are receiving a lot more positive attention in society as it should! So if you are the one battling depression or have a family member or friend that is in the same boat, you are in the right place here. We will battle it together in progressive steps and in time, we will see ourselves starting to feel positive, happy, and upbeat.

The stigma revolving around depression and other mental illnesses need to end. Depression is not a hoax. It is not an easy fix. People with depression are not crazy. It is a disease and is serious. It needs respect and support. It needs time to heal. It needs attention and care. Together, let’s end the stigma in hopes of allowing those who are struggling to find the resources and support they need to get better. We can do this together!

My Journey with depression:

So about three years ago, I started feeling depressed. Nothing unusual was occurring in my life, I just felt down constantly. With having no previous mental illnesses, I thought nothing of it. I did not take any procedure into fixing this as I thought it would eventually disappear over time. I was wrong. Over time (months and years), it started getting worse, a lot worse. I then came to the conclusion I was depressed.

I had difficulty falling asleep at night, sometimes I wouldn’t even sleep at all. When I did sleep, I would have difficulty getting up in the morning. I lost my appetite also. I felt as if I was half empty. I had no motivation to do anything (school work, exercise, socializing etc). I was even isolating myself and pushing away my friends and family. It felt terrible. Nothing seemed fun or joyful anymore. I was constantly telling myself that life was unfair, pointless, and that nothing was ever going to work out. That wasn’t even the worse part. With my depression came the anxiety.

My anxiety and depression would come in wave lengths. For months, I would feel depressed. Then, it felt as if the depression would subside for a bit and anxiety would take over for a while. I would live in fear with a high heart rate, but there was literally nothing to fear. Sometimes, both would occur simultaneously. Long story short, these mental illnesses affected my life in a massive, negative way. I then felt even suicidal for some time. That is when I knew I needed to take action. I had never told anyone or even discussed my illnesses but I knew I needed to do something. That is why I am here: I live to help people and would like to offer the most help possible to those with similar struggles. We can combat our depression and other mental illnesses together!

How will we do this? Our Goal and Mission

I have never taken any prescribed medication for my mental illnesses. Yes, they do work and are among highly prescribed medications in the world. However, through clinical research and the word of mouth, they contain rough side effects, can be addicting, and can even take weeks or months to start working if the right one is found the first time around. That is why I like to encourage natural remedies to combat mental illness such as depression. I have been taking advantage of these natural ways to combat my own.

Through this website, I will create a platform for us to learn about cognitive approaches, the best supplementation, and other natural ways to ultimately beat primarily your depression as well as other mental illnesses. I will also provide some good advice, tips, stories, and activities that will help your illness and what things will worsen your illness. In such, hopefully we can all find a safe place here open to discussion of feelings, what has worked for people, what has not, and also having other natural remedies brought to the table. All discussion is welcome.

Combat Your Depression will also contain guest writers who have valuable knowledge and experience to add to this platform.

Feel free to contact me if you ever want to connect by commenting below. We can do this together naturally!

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